the rise of Chica

I investigate the disappearance of my brothers. only to find their killer, William Afton. I have to really survive Five nights At Freddy's now. I'm the night guard and sister of the three missing children. Afton has hid something from us. but not from me


2. i get the job of Night guard

my brothers have been missing for a week. no doubt at Freddy's. they're probably sleeping somewhere in there. the night guard, William Afton, is a creep. always keeping an eye on me like I was a hamburger. he's the night guard of Freddy's but he reports no sign of my brothers. I'm thinking he keeps them captive in the parts and service room. the cops have given me 48 hours or maybe 5 days to find them. the only way to find them in five days is being the night guard.

"well, a 10 year old doing duty as a night guard, eh?" Afton sneered. "yah know that you're the youngest to do this job,"

"I know, and I'm 11," I snap. I hate him for what he does. hiding my brothers from us. he has to pay.

Grunt is all he said and handed over the keys. "Five nights. Anymore, any less, you'll pay." a spark went off in his eyes. the spark of a murderer. he's going to kill me.

I have to survive Five Nights At Freddy's 


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