Off Limits.

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He is her brothers best friend.
He changed her.
He made her into something she despised.
He got into her head.
It's all his fault and he loves it.


1. One.

OKAY, before you start reading I am so sorry this chapter is so lengthy and I swear none of the other chapters will be this long so pls don't hate appreciate.

Peace out. -E.



I get dressed in all black, grab my jacket and head downstairs.

I look at my mum and she flashes a faint smile, one of which I do not return. 


"What time are the cars leaving your uncles house?" She asks sternly. 


"I don't know, eleven I think." I answer in the same tone.


"Right well you better text me. I want to follow them behind." I just stand there for a second thinking of an appropriate answer, I can't think of one so I turn around and put my shoes on.


It's not a good idea that my mum comes along, she is a very cold hearted person and I really don't think my dad would appreciate her crossing boundary's. 


My phone vibrates in my pocket, I look down to see who has messaged.


*text message from jack*

I'm leaving now. Walk to the end of the road.



I sigh, grab my keys and my money, walking out of the house without so much of a 'bye'.


I can feel the fresh breeze hitting my face as I walk down my street, oversized houses with overpriced cars, never really been my scene but I was never raised outside of a rich area. I feel the wind nipping at my ears causing minor discomfort, not like it really truly bothers me. 


My brothers car pulls up and I get in quickly and he speeds off.


"Mum was asking to follow the cars from Tommy's to the church. I told her I didn't know what time we were leaving." I say looking down at my hands.


"She's an actual psycho. Just turn your phone off until we're out." He chuckles.


The thing between me and my brother is, he's my best friend but we never share too much emotion, always just keep it comedic. It helps having that, no matter how shitty things are we can find something to laugh at.


Soon enough we arrive at my uncles house, I get out the car, my brother following shortly. I hold back a little letting him open the door.


We enter and my 'immediate' family look our way. I never really knew how to act in these situations, I hadn't been to many funerals before. I just followed onto my brother and acted the same way he did.


The cars pull in, I slowly walk towards the door and I can see the hearse. Chills, all over my body. The thought of there being a real dead body right in front, all there is between me and my dead grandmother is a couple bits of wood, chilling.

My younger cousin Ethan starts crying, this is his first funeral, probably one of the worst firsts the world can give you.

I pat his back and we leave, me, my brothers and my older cousins get into one car, my dad uncle, auntie and younger cousin get into another car and the wives get into the last car. I thought it was a little silly having cars considering the church is just around the corner and it would've made sense just to walk there.


We pull up to the church, filled with people outside. 


"Oh look there's H." My brother says in the back, I look out to see him with a black jacket on stood with who I presume are his parents. I have never really met him, I only know it's him because I recognise him from the photos. 


I get out of the car and go over to the hearse, my dad wanted the older cousins to carry the coffin and I merely qualify. 


I'm much shorter than my cousins, I'm only five two and the nearest to my height is probably like five eight. 


I go onto my tiptoes so my shoulder touches the coffin and my dad smiles and pats his hand down to tell me that I don't need to do that. I just use my hands instead. I'm at the front considering I'm the shortest. It's all so eery for me, knowing I'm literally holding a dead body. It's too much. I'm already scared because my dads making me stand and say a poem in front of everyone.

Everyone enters the church, the bagpipe player enters and we follow swiftly. Goose bumps arise on my arms when the piper starts, it's something about hearing bagpipes that gives me such an emotional wave. We walk in and everyone immediately looks to me, it's untraditional for a female to hold the coffin and honestly I felt just as uncomfortable doing it. I look over through the crowd and a pair of striking green eyes meet mine. 


Harry. He smiles softly almost letting me know I'm doing a good job. It's reassuring.


The service goes on and my dad stands up to do a speech.


It's emotional and my dads cousin reaches over to hold my hand. I try so hard not to cry but I can't help a tear drop down my cheek. I look over to Ethan who is balling his eyes out. He's thirteen years old and right now he only looks like a baby.


"My Mum always talked about how she wanted a girl in the family, my three sons, my sister, Leslie two sons, my brother, two sons. She just kept asking for a granddaughter, when Lily was born she was so over the moon. Little did we know there already was a girl, Sophie, we had no idea I already had a daughter out there until a few years ago. By this point my mother had already gotten seriously ill and therefor we had almost no choice but to hide this from her. After this tommy had a little girl called Amy. Our family for a short time was complete. This was until my oldest son James passed away. Two years ago to this date, I would appreciate it if we could bow our heads for a moment in remembrance." My fathers speech had no dry eye in the room. Including my brother jack. I dipped my head only for a moment before looking back up and turning to see the same eyes looking at me.


*The crematorium*


My stomach is in knots, I still haven't done my speech yet which means it must be soon.


We enter the crematorium and sit on the front row. 


"And now there will be a poem spoken by Lily."


I gulp and get up. Fiddling with my paper, I scan the room and see Harry, I found his eyes calming.


I read my poem slowly ensuring not to making it a massive fuck up and not to trip over my words. I finish and sit back down.


I watch the curtains close on my Grandmothers coffin. Knowing that it would be the last time I would be in the presence of her physical being.


*The pub*


I look around feeling so much more comfortable now I know I don't have anymore public speaking.

I'm not too shy but I am so so awkward sometimes. Especially public speaking, I just can't help but be so damn awkward and start stuttering. Embarrassing to say the least. 


I text my boyfriend and let him know that it's over and he should come by after he finished work.


I sit down with my vodka and coke, knowing I would probably not spend a penny and people would buy me drinks out of pity.


I walk over to my brother who is sat with his friend Harry.


"Hey Mum is still here, she keeps trying to talk to me, why can't she leave, she's not wanted here anymore." I say looking over at her.


She had an affair with my father last year. Explains a lot.


"I'm going to get a drink do you want one?" Harry asks my brother getting up.


"Uh yeah sure, get me another beer." He replies hardly looking up from his phone.


"Alright do you want one Lily?" He asks taking me off guard.


"Yeah please, can I have a vodka and coke?" I ask politely. I'm not gonna turn down a free drink. 


"Go and help him at the bar." My brother instructs, I roll my eyes and get up following Harry closely behind.


"Hey I've been forced out of my chair to come and help you." I say laughing.


"Oh right poor thing." He laughs.


I'm underage, I'm only seventeen. I'm eighteen in a couple of months but someone I used to go to school with is on the bar and will definitely serve me. 


"I know about you." I say smiling.


"What so you know?" He asks looking down on me.


"You know Jessie Carson." I say with some sort of confidence.


His eyes go wide and he nods.


"Yeah she told me that you two kissed." I said chucking a little bit. 


I feel bad because she wasn't the greatest looking, neither was she the nicest person.


"Fucks sake yeah I did, how do you know her?" He asks whilst flagging a barman down.


"She went to my school. She's younger than me." I say.


It is a lie but it's a sweet innocent lie. I don't want him to know I'm underage. She is technically younger than me by like a week...


"Ah yeah I'm a bit regretful of that." He says getting the drinks.


We walk back to the table and place the drinks down. We start laughing and joking around.


My phone vibrates.


*Text message from Connor Carson*


Hey baby I'm gonna be late so just let me know where you are and I'll drive to you.


I sigh. I know that late means he's going to be having sex with some girl he met online...


Harry gets up and walks towards the toilets. His dad comes over to the table.


"Look at him he thinks he's gods gift doesn't he." He says laughing I look up at him chuckling a little bit.


"What harry? Yeah definitely, look at his walk. Full of himself." I reply joining in on the joke. 


He comes back out looking over and winking at me. I smile back at him as he approaches our table.


His phone goes off and my brother starts laughing.


"Just tell her to fuck off already." Jack says shaking his head.


"Who's that?" I ask.


"Some girl he used to talk to, she fell out with him because he shagged her and then left. Now she's trying to crawl back in." He says in disappointment.



"What does she not know what beat and delete means?" I ask laughing.


"I swear you two are just the same." Harry says chuckling.


"No way, someone would think we're siblings or something!" I reply jokingly.


I look up to see Harry staring at me laughing, he has a really nice smile.

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