shape shifters

son of luke skywalker and mara jade is on the loose when his mother dies. he has already unlocked his wolf and now uses it to hide. no one believes him that jacen killed his mom. only ben knows. a race against jacen and ben to get to luke is on, one to destroy and one to defend. evil versus good. dark wolf versus the great grey wolf.


1. exile

 i never thought it would come to this. facing the council over lying to a Jedi Master. i am the only one to stand up, no support, and they called me outrageous to the jedi order. As if. i blame Jacen. my aunt stood in front of me with  a serious look on her face, and i knew no one would believe me, not without my proof. my mom is dead by my cousin and they say there is no proof. i even told father about it and he won't listen. my mother was poisoned and was dying for at least an hour. screw pain. she died in my fathers arms, saying someone will not destroy my future. but i know who that someone is. and they have already destroyed my future. i look to were Corron Horn sat and he shook his head. 15 jedi don't believe me. no point in deference now i thought miserably. the last one to choose was my father. he too shook his head. i am outraged. why would father turn against son when they tell truth but people think it's all lies? 

" Ben Skywalker, as there is no proof of murder to Mara Jade Skywalker you are hearby exiled from the Republic untill there is proof. untill then, may the Force be with you." my aunt said outloud.

 Jacen smirks at me and i glare back.people start to leave and my father walks up to me, grief in his blue eyes.

" i'm sorry but there was no proof. if i was to defend you i too would have been exiled. that's already happened too me. sorry." he says. i can barley meet his eyes

" oh yeah well maybe you could have believed me when she died then things would be better!" i yell at him. Mirax and Corron stop in their tracks and look at us. great it's like my father versing Darth Vader all over again but verbally i thought. my green eyes where the only resemblance of my mother. otherwise i looked like my father.

i turn on my heel and walk out as angry and betrayed as i'll ever be, leaving most of the jedi including Luke Skywalker, bewildered at what just happened.

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