shape shifters

son of luke skywalker and mara jade is on the loose when his mother dies. he has already unlocked his wolf and now uses it to hide. no one believes him that jacen killed his mom. only ben knows. a race against jacen and ben to get to luke is on, one to destroy and one to defend. evil versus good. dark wolf versus the great grey wolf.


2. trouble for jacen solo

 i am stalking jacen for about six months now in exile. i growl as he walks passed me on dathomir, unaware of my presence. i know he isn't by himself, but i can catch them off guard. i trot not far behind him but silent. i don't have anyone with me but ha-ha! who needs people when they don't believe you and exile you untill proof is found. i'll just do it the hard way. my grey outline is invisible to the dark undergrowth with no moon out. Tenenial was lucky enough to be caught but i will not be. i slip past guards of his camp and can smell content that i was exiled. Jacen, always the odd one out. i growl again and this time he hears he turns just in time as i pounce on him. Jaina screams and Anikan yells in terror. Jacen on the other hand gets his light-saber out, but i'm ready for that.

"ratbag of a wolf!" he yells in pure hatred, my green eyes full of anger.

Ceadus will not escape me, not this time. he tries to hit me with his lightsaber but i dodge to the left and bit his blade arm.

" no escaping now boy! i'll get you for what you did!" i yell at him as he swings for another attack.i go right and bite his neck.  i like the taste of his blood, but don't like evil. Vader was bad, and i sense Jacen fears he won't be stronger than Vader. he falls over and i have a victory. for about 10 seconds. his siblings recover and attack. i defeat both of them. the 3 Solo kids are down, and taken down by one Skywalker. who would have thought. i howl triumphantly at the moon and blend into the wilderness, a wag in my tail. the great grey wolf is victoriuos over 3 adults the same strenghth. not the last i see of them. no it was not indeed.

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