shape shifters

son of luke skywalker and mara jade is on the loose when his mother dies. he has already unlocked his wolf and now uses it to hide. no one believes him that jacen killed his mom. only ben knows. a race against jacen and ben to get to luke is on, one to destroy and one to defend. evil versus good. dark wolf versus the great grey wolf.


3. trouble on endor. the change is beginning

 i run through the bushes hearing gunshot. i come to a clearing to find Han Solo aiming a gun at me, furious.

"attacking my childeren i see? exile must not be good for you, hm?" he snarls.

i have attacked Jacen again and he fell too easy. suddenly Jaina and Anakin are on both sides of me.

"don't hurt him Father he's innocent!" she yells.

"Jacen's not who you think he's evil!" yells her brother.

i look at my cousins and then back at the General infront of me. he is still aiming his blaster at me. 

"OK then Jaina and Anakin, i will give you a choice. stay on the Republics side and you will be safe.." he snarled but Jacen burst through the bushes

"liars! cheats! join him and you join the dark side!" he yelled. like we believed him. he is  the dark side.

"..or join him and your exiled." Han finished.

The Solo kids looked and Uncle Han to me. then they chose.



then Jacen tackled me. The other two yelled in suprise as jacen used his ability to create a fire at the base of the cliff we were standing on. i pushed him of the cliff into the fire, his brown body falling with grace. Jaina and Anakin cheered, and Jacen yelled in pain. he came out, black as a devil wolf Darcia. the fire was dying down to ashes. we looked at each other and he pushed me. the last thing i remember was a white winged wolf landing beside me and stood there, green eyes blazing.

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