A short story about a rabbit named Toto and his owner, Megan.

Author's note

Every month I meet up with a group of friends to do a bit of writing and to get some feedback on how we can improve. This month, one of our group brought along a selection of children's toys. The challenge was, that each of us would pick a toy and then write a story inspired by it in 20 minutes. This is what I wrote.
This exercise is really fun and helpful if you have writers block. I recommend it to all my fellow Movellians :)

1. Toto

Toto got his name while Tes and I were watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and our daughter, Megan, was playing with our new family pet on the living room rug. However his name wasn’t always ‘Toto.’ For the first few weeks of his life with us, we called him Puppy.

Megan was at that age of declaring any four legged animal a dog and so, when I brought home the jet black rabbit and placed it in front of my daughter (who it was almost as big as) she immediately buried her tiny face in his thick fur and cried out, “Puppy!”

Tes and I tried to persuade Megan to call the giant rabbit something more appropriate like ‘Fluffy’ or ‘Cotton-Tail,’ but alas, our efforts were wasted. And so it became the Friday evening routine that my wife and I would watch a film (always chosen by Tes) and Megan would play on the floor with a house rabbit called Puppy.


On the night that Tes picked out ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ nothing suggested that the newest member of our family was about to undergo an identity change. Tes was resting her head on my shoulder and Megan was ignoring the T.V in favour of Puppy. At some point, however, our toddler noticed the little black dog that was trotting at Dorothy’s side.

“Puppy!” my daughter shouted, pointing from the T.V to the rabbit. This then happened every time the little black dog appeared on screen, much to mine and my wife’s amusement.


I’m not sure exactly when the change from “Puppy!” to “Toto!” occurred but when I finally noticed, for some reason I tried to correct Megan to ‘Puppy’ again.

“Puppy,” I said.

“Toto!” she screamed, grinning at the game. This went on for a while, the film completely forgotten. It took my wife’s intervention to end the argument.

“Leave it, hun,” she said. “At least we don’t have to explain why we have a rabbit called ‘Puppy’ anymore.” And I had to agree – although it still took three more years to teach Megan the difference between ‘Puppy’ and ‘Toto.’

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