after Peter Parkers disappearance, along with Spider-Man, i was bitten by a spider like Peter's little bugger. now i'm Spider-Lady, and have to join the Avengers to look for the fallen Avengers. Thanos is on the loose with an avenger with him, mysteriously vanishing when clicking his fingers and the only witness was Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and Thor. find the fallen and defeat Thanos. easy right?

Author's note

WARNING!!!!spoilers if anyone hasn't seen the movie. i haven't seen the movie but i have seen videos on youtube. cheers

1. when the day came, i wasn't prepared.

Peter Parker goes to my high school. he lives with his aunt who he takes care of since his uncle isn't alive anymore. shot dead in a car theft. innocent.

his friend Ned was excited for an odd reason for a couple days before the Homecoming Party. i was asked by Richard Thomson, cousin or brother to Flash Thomson. i am his worse nightmare because one time one of his friends picked on Peter and threw him to the ground. i walked up to him and slapped him in the face. people just just at me when i gave him my devil face. and that is when he challenged me. most people run when they see my dark side. most of the people backed up. Peter got up and went behind me and Flash Thomson's group of thugs stood behind the guy i slapped. gave him a mark though. he growled and ran at me. i flipped over him and kicked him in the butt. face first into the mud i turn to look at the rest. no one there. Peter hung around me every time Flash was around. served him right.

i was there when he yelped suddenly. i thought it was Flash but he was rubbing his hand.

"bloody Spiders." he was mumbling.

he disappeared at the party and reappeared the next day when Liz was leaving. her dad got caught for being a danger to the city and had nearly killed Spider-Man at one point. he wouldn't say his identity. then one day on the bus to school he muttered something into Neds' ear. i heard it though because i was behind him.

"i need you to cause a distraction."

"WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" Ned yelled, uncertain.

while everyone panicked i watched Peter. he put something on his wrist and put his ring finger on  a button. out came a web and i knew what that spider had done to him. he went out the emergency window.

"Has no one seen a space ship before?" Stan Lee, the bus driver said.

he's an idiot.

i never saw Peter or Spider-man again.

a few weeks later, people disappeared in the streets. my mum dissolved into dust, my family too. not me. i saw Nick Fury and Maria Hill disappeared into dust on the street. i was the only one left in the street after 2 mintues. then pain in my neck. Bloody spiders. the grab it and look at it. Blue and red black widow. the same one Peter showed me when he was bitten. 2 days later,Tony Stark came and said i had to replace someone.

i was not ready for this.

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