Frigid Heart

Leave me broken and beaten, cut and torn open in the arms of a lover who would've lassoed the moon if it would've made me smile. I had been given the most perfect man to love and enjoy, now remembering those protective arms will only bring the pain of a memory that scars my body more fiercely than the whip marks, deeper than the branding numbers on the back of my neck.
I will never forgive or forget what happened, you made me like this. I'll break your bones like dry twigs and leave you to fend on your own so you can feel what I have for the last fifteen years.


Author's note

so long. I feel like its been a billion years since ive done anything on this site. This is a new side story to a comic currently being made featuring the odd human/cat like species called Moggies.

NO, they're not Nekos or anything remotely along those lines. they share the fact of the ears and tails. thats about it. Other then that, they're an extremely intelligent species with the instincts of both humans and animal. In this time, Moggies are seen as obvious threats, so naturally humans are on the war path for complete genocide. The few unlucky souls that aren't killed on sight are typically taken to labor camps.
The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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