homeschool created poems

these poems are created when doing english in homeschooling. created by the top of my head on topics, these poems are not much, but enjoy them as much as you can


1. girl from the bay

 there once was a girl from the bay 

she likes to sing and dance all day 

she couldn't get out of bed 

they thought she was dead 

that silly, sing, dancing girl from the bay 


there once was a boy from the coast 

he liked to strut and boast 

he jumped off a cliff 

they said "as if" 

that rude, strutting boasting boy from the coast 


there once was a boy from the bay 

he played electronics all day 

he got stabbed with a stake 

they cried "oh for Odin's sake!" 

that dumb, electronic playing boy from the bay 


there once was a girl from the coast 

she reads, draws and boast 

she jumped from a plane 

they said she's insane 

that insane, reading, drawing boasting girl from the coast

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