Cries of the Forgotten

Harry and Mackenzie enter their second year at Hogwarts, planning for lots of fun, learning, and pranks with their friends at school. However, things don't go quite as they planned.
Shortly after their return to Hogwarts, Lucius Malfoy escapes from Azkaban. As the first person to ever accomplish this, everyone is wondering how he did it - and where he'll strike.
Meanwhile, Harry disappears and Mackenzie is behaving odd. In desperation, and fear for their friends, the Houses of Hogwarts unite to try to unravel the mystery surrounding the Potter's - and possibly save their lives.


1. The Rudest House-Elf

Mackenzie awoke abruptly in the middle of the night. Glancing at the clock, she realized that she was now twelve. Glancing around her room, she realized that there was something standing next to her bed. 

Suppressing a shriek, she leaned over and clicked on a lamp, before sighing. It was a House-Elf. 

"Hello." she said politely, if more than a bit confused. "Um, did you need something?" 

"I is Dobby." the House-Elf said. "Dobby the House-Elf. I is coming to Miss Potter to warn her." 

"Warn me?" Mackenzie asked. "About what?" 

"Miss and Mister Potter must not return to school this year." Dobby said quietly. "There is a plot to make terrible things happen, and Miss and Mister Potter must not be there!" 

"A plot?" Mackenzie asked. "What terrible things?" 

"Dobby is not to be saying much, Miss, but you is not to go back to Hogwarts!" Dobby said insistantly. "Dobby is having to go now, Miss. Do not go back to school!" 

With a loud crack, Dobby disappeared. Confused, but exhausted, Mackenzie laid back down to sleep, deciding she would deal with it in the morning. 


Harry plopped down at the kitchen table, Hedwig wrapped around his shoulders. Seeing Harry with his snake made Mackenzie feel a pang; they'd found her ferret, Serephina, dead earlier in the summer. They were going to go to Diagon Alley today, both to buy the twins's school supplies and their birthday presents, but it wouldn't be the same for Mackenzie. She could no longer hear the thoughts of animals, and it greatly saddened her. Nobody knew why she had lost her ability, but then, nobody had known why she had it in the first place. 

"I had the weirdest dream last night." Harry announced to the table at large. 

"Did a house-elf named Dobby come to tell you that you can't go back to Hogwarts?" Mackenzie snorted, having dismissed her strange encounter as a dream. 

Harry looked at her strangely. "Yes, he did." 

Mackenzie looked up from her pancakes. "What?" she asked. "I was only kidding..." 

"Well, I'm not." Harry said. "Did you have that dream, too?" 

"I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that it wasn't a dream." James decided to put his two knuts in. "Just a guess." 

"Why would a house-elf be telling you two not to return to Hogwarts?" Lily asked. 

Mackenzie shrugged. "He said something about a plot to make terrible things happen. I don't really know. He just said that 'Miss and Mister Potter must not be there!" she imitated Dobby's high, squeaky voice. 

"Well, that's certainly strange." Lily mused. She glanced at her watch. "Mackenzie, would you please go wake Draco? We need to get going soon, but I want him to eat breakfast first. We'll figure out this thing with the house-elf later." 

"Yeah, Mum." Mackenzie stood from the table and hurried up the stairs. 

Over the summer, Mackenzie had kept her promise to James, and was trying her hardest to be nicer to James and Lily. And even though he had specifically said that she didn't have to, it seemed to her that one of the first steps towards becoming closer to her parents was to begin addressing them as such. 

Mackenzie tiptoed into Draco's room, leaned gently down by his face, took a deep breath, and began shrieking as loudly as she could. 


Draco sat bolt upright with a yell, and promptly fell out of bed. When he sat back up, he was glaring daggers at Mackenzie. 

"What the hell was that for?" he asked, rubbing his left ear. 

Mackenzie shrugged. "Mum said wake you up. I figured that would be an effective method of doing so." 

"Screaming as loudly as you can into my ear is not the best way to wake me up." Draco grumbled. As such, he began to hunt around his room for a clean shirt. 

"Hurry up." Mackenzie folded her arms and huffed. "Mum says we can't go until you eat breakfast, and I don't want to wait that long." 

Draco rolled his eyes. "I'll be down there when I get down there."  

Mackenzie stuck her tongue out and left the room so Draco could get dressed. 

Downstairs, she found Sirius, James, and Harry laughing. Lily looked slightly irritated. 

"Did you really have to alert the whole street, Mackenzie?" she asked. 

Mackenzie shrugged. "It's how I wake Harry up." 

Harry grimaced. "She's not lying." 

Sirius and James laughed harder. 


Finally, finally, after Draco had eaten an amount of breakfast that was deemed satisfactory by Lily, they were ready to go. Mackenzie was bouncing around, hardly able to sit still. 

"Come on, come on, I want to get going!" she said, tapping her foot impatiently. 

"Calm down, Kenzie." James said, ruffling her hair, much to Mackenzie's indignance. "We'll get there soon enough."

Mackenzie huffed, but stopped protesting. 

After what seemed like forever, they reached the Leaky Cauldron, passed through with a few pleasantries exchanged with Tom, and entered Diagon Alley through the back wall. Immediately, Mackenzie dragged them to the Magical Menagerie. 

The first creatures that caught her eye were the ferrets, but she had already decided she was not going that route. It felt too much like trying to replace Serefina, which she did not want to do. She eventually settled on a cat, but then took nearly another half hour to decide which cat. 

At last, the Potter's left the Menagerie with Mackenzie's arms clamped tightly around a fluffy ginger cat that had nearly scalped Harry. 

"I cannot believe you bought that monster." Harry grumbled, rubbing his head. 

"There is no way your head still hurts, Harry." Mackenzie said matter-of-factly. "And this 'monster' is named Crookshanks." 

"Crookshanks." Sirius sighed dramatically. 

"It's what the lady said." Mackenzie defended her cat's name. "And besides, I like it, and it really doesn't matter to me what you guys think." 

"Can we just go to Flourish and Blott's now?" Draco interrupted. "I would like to see about getting a few books." 

Reluctantly, Mackenzie released Harry and Sirius from her death-glare, and led the group down the crooked, cobbled street to the book store. 

They all left with quite a few more books than they had gone in with the intention of purchasing; Mackenzie wanted to look into Ancient Runes and Arithmancy for her third year, and Harry simply wanted to read about Quidditch and duelling. Draco was reading up on Divination, which sounded fascinating to him. 

After buying the children a few new quills, Mackenzie dragged them to Quality Quidditch Supplies. 

"I'm allowed a broomstick at school now," she explained, "Not just Harry, who cheated his way onto the Quidditch team. I would rather like a broom this year." 

James, Lily, Sirius, and Remus exchanged looks, and then shrugged. 

"I don't see why not." Remus said reasonably. "Harry and Draco both have one." 

"Go ahead, then, Kenzie." Sirius invited her. "Find one you like." 

Mackenzie spent what felt like forever looking at all the brooms, until finally, with the 'professional' advice of James, Sirius, Harry, and Draco, she decided on a Nimbus 2000, like Harry had. Finally, after paying for the broom, they were finished shopping, and ready to leave. 

As soon as they walked through the front door, Mackenzie released Crookshanks, set her packages on the table, and unwrapped her broom. 

"I can't wait to show Daphne and Blaise." she said, relish in her voice. "Once they get here with Hermione and the Weasley's, we can have a Quidditch match." 

"Once your friends get here, we're going to eat dinner." Lily disagreed. 

"So after we eat dinner, we can have a Quidditch match." Mackenzie restated. "Either way, we're going to have a Quidditch match. I'm going to take my books upstairs." 

Mackenzie gathered her parcels back into her arms and carried them upstairs to her room. Shortly after she had arranged them neatly on her bookshelf, the doorbell rang below. The loud chatter of voices that ensued told Mackenzie that her friends had arrived, so she descended the stairs to add to the chaos. 


Welp, looks like I've gotten this started sooner than I thought I would. Hopefully it'll go places, and not die out like a lot of my other books. 

I remembered recently that Mackenzie had the ability to speak to animals, and also a pet ferret, but I'm actually not sure why I put that in when I started this book... it has absolutely nothing to do with the plotline. So I decided to take it out. I hope it made sense to you guys.

Thanks for joining me in book two of Harry and Mackenzie's adventures! Hopefully this book will be better written than the last. 

See you next chapter, pineapples. 


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