Harry potter has a twin sister. Her name is Natalie. When they get sorted into different houses they start to grow apart. But Harry's in danger and it's up to her to save him


Author's note

I got this idea from Emma Weaslette

5. To lose you again

"So Nat. What happened. Tell me everything. Details please!" Pafoot said it like they were gossiping wic h made Nat smile.

" Well, I was about to enter the bathroom when someone put their hand over my mouth. I woke up in a weird room like a pub crossed with a proportion by a stage. Then, there was this voice. When I found out were it was coming from, it was a guy. You know who's son. " at this point Natalie looked pale, but also on the verge of tears. She started walking again when she heard a noise. Bang, bang, bang. Her head was pounding. She carried on waking until she couldn't move. She went cold. She fainted. The last words she heard were.

"Nat! Please. To lose you again; I can't do it." Harry dropped to his knees, crying. He knew she would be okay but since their second birthday...






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So! Short chapter I know! It's like ten o'clock now so I should get to sleep.

Have a good punch, feel good and be brilliant!


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