Streets of Rage

Police Officers Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding have felt powerless watching as crime swept through the city streets.

Their home town has slid into a world of violence and corruption.

The three of them separately come to the decide they must take the law into their own hands.

As they take to the streets to confront the petty thugs, the serial criminals and the gang bosses they uncover a dark conspiracy about the levels of corporate corruption and greed that has entered every level of society and that it is all the master plan of one man.

A mysterious crime lord known only as Mr X. As they fight their way up to him they have to risk their own lives if they are to topple the evil that has infected their City before it's too late to save it.


Author's note

My first video game fan fiction

1. Follow The Leader

They followed his plan, his vision and it was all turning out exactly as he led them to believe. Most of them were rich now and all of them had power more than they had ever possessed before.


Although none of them had never met him face to face or really even seen him, it didn't matter so long as the in their opinion ridiculously named Mr. X made good on his promises even though his video meetings which he conducts sitting in near total darkness his voice often quietly, sometimes loudly emanating from the shadows letting them know when their work pleased or displeased him, they still follow.


Not just because his reaction to failure to heed his words or hints of disloyalty meet with brutal results, because through him they now had near total control of the city and pretty soon would be in place to dispose of any dissenting voices and crush anyone who would actively try to rebel against them, against him. 


Through power, via blackmail, threats of and real violence against any opponent and using money, as bribes to give to those who stood in the way or reward anyone he saw as allies, well more like well-behaved subordinates he had taken over most of the criminal gangs and united them under his leadership but also more importantly taken over almost all the mechanisms that might be used to stop him. The police and prosecutors who could go after him through the law and the city council and other government agencies to put a stop to or keep him informed of any plots against his rule.


Mr. X, which they all thought was still a stupid name even if it is obviously intended to hide his real identity, he had control of the crime in the city. Drugs and weapons sales and smuggling in and out of the city, human trafficking to and from there plus he was in control of all loan sharks and money lenders, legal and illegal gambling, underground clubs and the sale of alcohol and drugs on their premises plus the prostitution in every brothel or street corner.


With full control of the illegal activities and near complete ownership of any means to investigate his power, Mr X was right to feel invincible and those who worked for him felt comfortable in the belief that no one would come along who would even dare challenge them.


They felt because of him they were the rulers of the city they were untouchable.


Three people - two men and one woman are about to try to prove them wrong.

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