Loop Infinity

In the wake of the wealthy philanthropist and his company Lucid Entertainment’s latest creation known to the world as the V.R.U (virtual reality Unit); a chip embedded either at the temple of a person’s head or the back of the neck, the gaming community has endorsed this product full-heartedly with gamers of young and old attending the reveal ceremony in their droves with queues spreading all the way into the streets. This story follows the bond of friendship and the journey of discovery shared by Christian and Ellios.


1. Beginnings

(Advert) Lucid Entertainment has launched their biggest campaign to release their new VRU (Virtual Reality Unit) and have it installed into the houses of the entire world’s population; it is the next generation of gaming providing all users with WWOI (World Wide Online Interaction). Imagine Being able to see a long lost friend right in front of you or how about seeing a relative that lives thousands of miles across the world. VRU enables all users around the world to be what they want to be with its new character creation tool with over a trillion different facial and bodily features to suit the needs of just about everyone. This MMORPG allows you to either live a typical day to day life within the VRU or to Have fun and play all the games you want. Also, If you like driving you could be sitting in the driver seat of a new Bugatti racing with other people from around the world to going on quests with some of your closest friends, whatever type of game you can think of has already been installed into the VRU.

There are two different modes in the VRU,

Living Mode: allowing users to live normal day-to-day lives without the fear of infections, disease or harm to themselves.

•       Upon entry of living mode, you will be given a brand new home and start-up money to live whatever dream you would like.

•       Help us Help you, by filling in our survey form about which jobs would best suit you so we can then allocate you a perfect job.

Game Mode: Allows users to explore the vast world of VSU with all types of genres, on launch, there will be a Level cap of 55 until there is a new update, which will arrive every nine months. Upon character creation, you will be given a strict limit of 25 points to distribute to your skills and attributes

•       We will be throwing in Special Abilities for a certain amount of players around the VSU World, If you do not get a special ability, please do not threaten if you happen to come across someone with such abilities you can challenge them to a PVP match allowing you the chance to take it for yourself.

•       Depending on the difficulty of a mission your Respawns will vary from 5 to 1 and once all have been used the current task will be failed, and you will not be able to retry (We here at Lucid Entertainment like to think that you should learn from your mistakes)

Lucid entertainment brings you the new next-generation gaming console, the best in Virtual Reality Software since 2030 updated every hour on the hour by a specialist team catering to your needs, WE BRING YOU THE NEW VRU!

Price: TBC



“Ellios did you just see all of that?” “Of course I did! Are you going to try out for the beta testing role? Or what?” “I can’t believe you even had to ask that” you would think both people were sitting in the same room as each other but sadly technology has taken over all types of social activities nowadays “Give me a second bro my brothers trying to talk to me.” “Christian, are you still playing that relic of a game?” (Call of Duty Zombies) “Well duhhh” “anyway mum said you need to go clean up after your stupid dog unit, It sprayed fluid on the floor yet again” Christian frowns at his older brother and silently say’s “gives me 5 minutes” and goes back to his game, “how much do you think they're gonna price one of these things?”. “I don’t have a clue” Ellios replies “but I know it’s going to be a high bullshit price like I even have a job for that shit, and I defiantly know my mum won’t buy it for me”.  Christian laughs “Dude watch out behind you” Ellios jumps (Zombie behind him) “Pheww good save the man” “don’t worry about it”. They both sat playing games for a whole forty-five minutes until Christian’s mum shouted calling him downstairs. “Oh snap I completely forgot, Ellios I gotta go I will Come back online later if you’re still on”. Alright man, no worries talk to you later. Christian ran down the stairs and went straight into the kitchen where his mother was waiting for him with a mop and a bucket, he took them from her hands and started cleaning up the dog's Silver gooey gunk off the floor, “Mum have you seen the new advert for Lucid Entertainments new console? “ She replies very sharply “yes I saw it, but I don’t know what the whole fuss is? Where just going to have a load of perverted males pretending to be females.” Christian laughs loudly “No mum they have a gender lock on the character creation so there wouldn’t be any transgender fooling around” They both look at each other and laugh “I’m finished here now mum, can I go back upstairs now?” “What about your dinner?” I’ll come back down for it later, she nods her head and smiles softly, he runs up the stairs and goes straight back to playing his games. Two weeks have passed while both Christian and Ellios have been waiting for a call back for the Beta Testing job they had applied for, both had been doing their research on the unit until Christian finds something online (Interactive Wall Projection Unit) “OMG” Christian shouts out loud “you’re not going to believe this!” “What’s up?” Christian starts to jump up and down with excitement “they have released the price of the VRU” “NO WAY! How much is it?” Trying to hold in all the excitement, he whispers “It says due to a lot of government funding all VRU’s will be free of charge to all users by next week” Ellios sit’s up “you have got to be kidding me! Send me the link.” Christian reaches in the air and drags the site he was on and passed it onto Ellios’s screen. He sits there for a while in extreme silence “OMG its true!” both of them jumped up and down in excitement. Okay, we need to think long and hard about using our 25 points for the skills and attributes depending on what choices they give us. Christian, you have got to be kidding me they will most probably have strength so I will max it out all on that, nothing else really matters to me. Out of the two friends, Ellios would be classed as a Brawler no thought into any tactics but just straight brutal annihilation. Christian, on the other hand, would be classed as a tactician using more skill and brains than just pure strength, quite a weird team if you think about it, but it has worked for them in past games. Both players sat patiently waiting for the day the new VRU was delivered to their front doors, “I’ve been waiting all week for this thing to come” Christian moaned to Ellios “I saw on the news that people have already been getting deliveries” No way! It Feels like we are the last ones to get it, even my mum has been moaning about how long it has taken. Ellios yawns “it doesn’t matter, the system won’t go online until everyone has a unit installed anyway” that’s alright then, at least I don’t have to. Before he even finishes his sentence, the doorbell rings and his head turns around “I think it’s here! I will talk to you later” he runs down the stairs and opens the door to see a man standing there with a silver briefcase in his hand, the man then handed it over to Christian and gave him a paper with instructions on it and then said goodbye, Christian then walked over to his kitchen table and placed the briefcase on it and then opened it slowly, inside the briefcase there were three Microchip’s in plastic cases one for each person in the house, he looked at all them and realized that one of them where different from the other two, he picked it up and saw that it was gold and the other two where silver and didn’t think anything of it, he then ran upstairs taking the gold chip with him, he then went into his room and walked over to the wall projection display, “Call Ellios” The screen widened to see Ellios’s face with a big grin across it “look what I’ve got” and showed Christian his chip, Christian looked at his but realized there was a difference between the two “Yeah same here, It says we can start our character creations now if we want, but everything doesn’t go online until 12 O’clock tonight” “I’m going to get started with this thing and create my character, I think you should do the same” Ellios begins to laugh “we both know how long it takes you to make characters” Christian smiles “It’s not my fault I like paying attention to detail” They both laugh and say their goodbyes, Christian then walks over to his bed and sits down to read the instructions, he sits down for about ten minutes before fully understanding what to do, he then opens then plastic casing and takes out the microchip and places it on his index finger and then reaches around the back of his neck, he then feels a slight prick as the microchip inserts itself into his system, he then lays down and closes his eyes as the electronic circuits run through his body and up to his brain, as he lay on the bed he could hear noises going on in his head and then all of a sudden everything goes white around him, he opens his eyes and sees a space of nothingness around him until a large interactive window comes up in front of him making him jump, he looked at it closely  to see a message prompting him with character creation set up, he then uses the necessary tools to create the ideal character no resemblance to himself being a short nerdy boy with picky hair and glasses to match, he chose to be 5 ft 7 with an average build without any glasses and brighter brown eyes with nicer features, He then continues on after feeling happy with his new character he is then prompted with a warning that says “Once you are finished creating your character there is no coming back to this menu, he then continues onto the next stage which is abilities and skill, he is then prompted again with a note the say’s “all of your real life skills will be added from your thought processing and added to the game” Christian then spread the allocated 25 points evenly amongst the choices he has but then something jumps out to him from one of the choices, he has 7 points left to distribute and decides to use the remaining 7 on swords mastery, continuing on he then finishes the creation side to the game until a small bright looking butterfly pops out in front of him “you and certain other people around the world have been given gold chips, which allows you to do more things than a silver chip user can, you have been granted the ability to read minds, it will get stronger depending on how you use it, but be careful other players can take your ability by challenging you to a PVP match within the gaming world, use your ability wisely” it says and then disappears, the screen goes dark and goes to a timer, it is minutes before the launch Christian is extremely shocked how fast time had gone while waiting, it allows him to play a vast selection of arcade games from the golden ages of gaming until the timer reaches down to the final ten second countdown, with billions of people around the world counting down at the same time they all reach the final count of zero, the VRU logo appears in front of every one’s eyes and then disappears before the screen goes black.

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