Loop Infinity

In the wake of the wealthy philanthropist and his company Lucid Entertainment’s latest creation known to the world as the V.R.U (virtual reality Unit); a chip embedded either at the temple of a person’s head or the back of the neck, the gaming community has endorsed this product full-heartedly with gamers of young and old attending the reveal ceremony in their droves with queues spreading all the way into the streets. This story follows the bond of friendship and the journey of discovery shared by Christian and Ellios.


2. The Awakening

While the screen was dark Christian could feel his heart racing full of excitement he sits there while waiting and then a soft distant voice calls out to him and says “open your eyes” he then reluctantly opens his eyes to be met with a bright and different world with so many fascinating features from buildings to distant and beautiful greenery to basic everyday life visuals, the game felt so real. Christian was then alerted by a medium ringing sound; He looked around and saw a bright light flashing at the corner of his eye, he focused on the light and a box opened up with a video call from Ellios, “dude how cool is this?” Christian laughs “it looks so real, everything here is so polished, I’m surprised how graphically correct everything Is.” They both laugh and joke about the features within the game and then stumble upon the quick travel feature which allows you to meet up with other players you have met or know, “it says I can quick travel to your position” says Christian, He then focuses at the top corner of his eye and brings a drop down box to the main screen where Ellios’s face is on, he then clicks on the quick travel button and is instantly transported to Ellios’s position, Christian staggers due to the fact that it felt weird with all the flashing lights passing and takes a while to adjust to the new settings around him, He then get ups with the help of his cousin and continues to look around him, they then start talking and reviewing the scenery and everything around them, hours later Christian shouts out “I completely forgot to tell you, I was randomly given a gold chip, do you know how cool that is” Ellios turns around with a blank face “Apparently I can read the thought patterns of people within game mode, guess that will help” he giggles, you can tell by the look on Ellios’s face that he wasn’t too happy that his cousin got a gold chip and he only had A silver chip, but before he could get any deeper into his feelings a notification comes up at the corner of their eyes and is broadcast to everyone in the VRU world, A voice began to speak announcing that those in the VRU world who enjoyed playing games where invited to play all types of Different games within the system & because everyone filled out the surveys on which types of games they liked people were given the choice to play the types of genres they liked instead of being asked to play a type of game they didn’t necessarily like. Christian & Ellios where both notified with the same game which was called “Infinity” it was a RPG game involving fantasy and magic with all types of different weapons and classes, scrolling through the terms and conditions of the game they realized that the developer and maker of this game was also the creator the same person that made the VRU in the first place, each game was made by different developers and so it was a surprise for them both that the creator himself had created a game, they both finished reading everything and clicked accept to then be prompted with a warning “Only true warriors beyond this point, enter if you dare” both cousins turn and look at each other and click on accept at the same time to be transported into a dark room, then all of a sudden bright lights turn on and to their astonishment they look around and realize they aren’t alone with so many other people around them Ellios then pulls out the information for the game to find out to population and realizes that over 5000 people are taking part, in shock at the shear amount of people around Christian & Ellios carry on looking around until four shocks of lighting hit the floor in front of everyone four shrouded figures step forward but they could hardly be seen through all of the smoke caused by the Lightning, the four figures then kneel down and a black figure appears above them, the figure starts to descend and finally reaches eye level for everyone to see, "Players, I am the Creator, I made this game for the experienced gamers to take part in something that is much bigger than yourselves & to explore the  many possibilities, Infinity is a game of trial and error, there is no correct or incorrect way of playing, learn as much as you can to gain an upper hand on other players, interaction within the game will show you that every action has a reaction; I give you all a challenge! The first 30 players to reach level 50 will receive a reward and become the elite squad of infinity which will allow you to take part in S class missions that will be released later in the year" everyone in the room looked so excited at this point "everyone who was lucky enough to get a gold chip has been granted access to your abilities within Infinity, Training is accessible from your player’s hand to help you with the basic knowledge of the game,  I wish everyone good luck for the journey ahead, Heads up & Keep Moving" at this point everyone's eyes were full of fire and ready to go "The race to level 50 begins now!"

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