A child arrives in a craft from outer space. The survivor of a distant and now destroyed planet.

Taken in by a childless couple in the American Midwest he becomes Clark Kent who as he grows up will discover he has powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men.

Whether or not you know the story, I just want to try and tell it a little differently, this is just my take on the origin of the original Superhero.

Author's note

Not yet sure if this is a standalone story or connected to my Batman, Wonder Woman or Justice League stories, I'll let you know once I know.

1. Hardest Choices

Deep inside the Torfanian mountains in the outer lands far from the shining beacon of the capital city.


Eminent scientist Jor-El stood in the underground laboratory, his wife Lara beside him, the two of them looking at the baby lying inside the cradle, making random giggling noises and his tiny hands waving about, opening and closing both hands as if he were attempting to clutch things that weren't there.


A single tear slid down Jor-Els cheek, Lara noticed her usually stoic husband struggling to come to terms with what they were about to do.


“You're having doubts; I can see it Jor, is it about sending our son out there or because you're not entirely sure we'll ever see Kal again.”


“A little of both Lara, I don't doubt the craft you've designed, or necessary information I've worked so hard to gather will make phase two happen.”


“I, I just don't know if our part will be ready in time and if it isn't, then what becomes of Kal once the stasis wears off and we're not there.”


“I thought of that, I know you'll be angry with me for doing it and for keeping it from you, but I couldn't keep it from her.”


“I couldn't let my sister or my niece die with our home and the rest of these fools who continue to deny what is to come.”


“I'm not angry my love, I guessed you would tell Alura, I knew you could not abandon all that remains of your family.”


“No it would be too much like cutting myself in half leaving the more compassionate fair side of us to die. I would not dare predict what that could do to me psychologically.”


The thought of jetting off, fleeing their doomed planet without her sister was beyond her.


“I knew you could not abandon your family Lar, I would not expect it of you. I also know the two of you would want to save Kara, so is she going to the same place.”


“Yes, only she'll get there ahead of time and being older once she awakens will be able to keep Kal safe until we get there, but if the worst comes to the worst Kal will at least have some family there with him.”


“I'm sure if the worst should happen and either of them is half as smart as us they will know how to follow the plan set out and save our world.”


“What about Alura's husband.”


“Durvin, we kept him out of it, we're both well aware he would turn us both over to The General without hesitation or remorse.”


“I never liked him, I never felt he was good enough for my sister, but they married and seemed happy, for a time at least, but as you saw eventually things fell apart between them.”


“They weren't like you and I Jor, we were both at least born into the scientific guild though ours was also a joining of noble houses. We fell in love; something I believe would have happened even if like them we were an arranged union between families of Military and Law guilds.”


“As do I,” Jor El said as he put his arm around her waist leaning in to kiss her on the cheek Lara in turn placing her around his waist.


“If it weren't for the impending doom our world faces, Alura would seek the permissions to part ways with him.”


“As much as he says he loves Kara and I think he has tried to love her, he isn't and never was father material.”


“Knowing Alura as I do I'm sure she must still be racked with guilt, if not about lying to him then certainly leaving him to die with the rest of them.”


“Can you tell me with any degree of certainty she hasn't been slightly tempted to try to save her child's father?”


“She has and she and I discussed it, sure she'll feel bad but I know it sounds cold-blooded Alura understands it’s for the best.”


Jor-El looked at Lara and saw that steely determination in her facial expressions. He recognised the weight sentencing a lot of fellow Kryptonian’s to death by leaving them here was as much a burden to her as to him.


Their plan was no longer a matter purely of scientific data, knowing that friends and people they'd never met would die because of them, the decision to leave Durvin to perish had now put not just a face but a personal connection that forced her to look at the real cost in lives lost, potentially numbering in the millions.


“Hard times have forced the hardest of choices on us.”


"What?" Lara responded lost in her own thoughts as she stared at her child, the baby boy who as he grew inside her she feared she would not be equipped to love as a mother should as her own had always given to her daughter's.



Lara knew science and reason, her mind since her earliest memories dealt in equations and practical analysis, in her younger self she had doubts whether she would be able to love another let alone to unite her family with another especially after witnessing the ill-advised joining of Alura and Durvin


Lara loved her mother and her sister even her own father who much like Durvin was not a particularly loving man. He tried he fought and sometimes overcame the training to purge him of emotion that the Law Guild used to require of its subjects.


In that way Lara took after him more so than Alura, she was the one better able to express herself in that way. Yet she followed her mother's side of the family into science while Alura followed their dad into the Law.


It wasn't until meeting Jor-El did she get to know him and understand that she was capable of that kind of love.


Now the love she felt for Kal had overshadowed it, true in the first few weeks she struggled with feeling that love of showing her son the attention he needed and it hurt her not being capable of it.


Until finally she broke free of it realising it was mainly guilt gripping her tightly.


Guilt she felt for continuing the pregnancy, guilt she felt for even contemplating ending it. Knowing the harsh future they were bringing him into as it was only after she learned she was carrying their child did Jor-El and his team discover how truly devastating the effect of harvesting the planetary core had been that Krypton was beyond saving and how soon its end would be upon them.


Knowing the hardships they faced should they make it off Krypton before the end, they still faced time scavenging from the abandoned exploration outposts for resources and then settling on an empty world where they would be free to use a world engine to terraform it and breathe into life a new Krypton.


Those days, weeks, months or maybe even years would be a hard place to raise a baby for him to live in his infancy and younger years before he matured enough to join in and help build a new society.


When she accepted that she shouldn't feel guilty, she was bringing into the universe a child who would know love and whether the circumstances were ideal or not, whether there was such a thing. Their son would know he would receive encouragement, support and understanding and a healthy dose of discipline and taught respect of himself and others.


When the time came she understood she had to let go of her fear and learn that all she could do was work hard every day to show him.


"My tiny precious little boy I hope Rao gives you the gift to recall this face in this moment and know it felt love for you, that in part I betray many of my people, sacrifice a great many of them because of you because I wish to give you a future one of your own choosing."


“What were you saying,” Lara asked again.


“Hard choices we've both had to make and that we both believe we alone shoulder the burden. When we should know by now we are in this together, we do this together for the good of our people.”


“We know that we can't save our world nor can we save everyone on it. Indeed we both realise we shouldn't try to save them all.”


“Why, because too many are so firmly entrenched in outdated beliefs that they would risk the mission out of misguided faith to the corrupted teachings the Book of Rao.”


“We both know the real teachings aren't dogma, they were never intended to justify punishment on any citizen, that the book did not disavow science and technology, that when written it foresaw the age of ignorance and purposeful deceit. Foresaw and forewarned how it could become a tool used by men and women of evil intent.


“Some say it predicted the doom of this world and tried to warn against the evils which we have let consume far to many and led to many grievous acts committed in its name.”


“Those who perpetuate the lies are not worthy of saving, yet being in part responsible for their deaths will remain a heavy consequence we will carry to our ends.”

Jor-El noticed Lara was only half paying attention to him.


“I lost you some time ago didn't I my love.”


“Yes sorry, it's just far from the first time I've heard you give a speech / lecture about all that so I kind of drifted away.”


“Besides who can concentrate when you have this beautiful little bundle to stare at.”


“I agree with you about all of it, I know it is a weight to carry so I thank Rao for giving me a husband to share it with.”


Jor-El smiled, not the genuine warm one he shared with his wife a short time ago, this instead intended to cover his unhappiness at her dropping Rao’s name in conversation.

Something he noticed she'd been doing a more often recently.


Never having truly believed in any of Rao’s teachings Jor-El placed his faith more in himself and the people closest to him. Where Lara until recently had been more focused on the work she did, to hear her now sounding very much like a true believer was disconcerting to him.


Still he put his worries about her to the side as he said.


“We've a lot still to get done so let's keep our future, our people's future and the one we wish for our son in our hands not the hands of Gods.”


“I agree with you Jor, you know I do. My ships are designed to carry as many off world as possible.”


“While your Astronomy, knowledge of space travel, your teams knowledge of planetary terraforming and resettlement will save our people if not our world.”


“I hope you're right, I hope that our small band can do what needs doing.” 


“It can, we will succeed I believe in you my husband. I believe in us, I believe there are more good people on Krypton than bad or misguided.”


“It is such a small group who have the control who have embraced evil in exchange for their own personal power.”


“You have more faith in our fellow Kryptonian citizens than I do at this point. I see too many of them willing to stay blind to the failed broken corrupted leaders.”


“I do, and I will continue to, which is why I have thought that once we're safe on our new world a Krypton.”


“We'll send a ship back and leave it in orbit. We can leave sensors in the lab to alert us so when the planet's destruction has begun then we'll return and try to save as many of our people as we can.”


“An excellent idea, but what of our esteemed council members.”


“They wouldn't be a priority but still we will offer to rescue them.”


“You're right although personally I will find it a struggle to save those council members who through arrogance and ignorance have led us to this.”


"Still we must, Jor-El. We must try."


"Our house stands for justice even when the easier way out would be to abandon them to a fate they have brought upon themselves. The traditions that led to our union to us producing Kal, they will come to a less than noble end if we don't at the very least try to save them."


"Yes that's all we can do, my love and it is the way we must show our child to live."


"We can, that he can grow to become a force for good and rise above their pettiness and shallow minds, we can show Kal that there is a better way. That to look for it is better, it will make him the better man"


Jor-El and Lara continue talking unaware of a device hidden in the lab recording their every word.


 *Dialogue roughly translated from original Kryptonian.

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