Peter Parker/Avengers Oneshots

A collection of oneshots that I wrote, mostly Peter Parker-centric. Lots of Irondad and Spiderson. Angst, fluff, hurt, comfort, you name it. Kidnapping, identity reveal, injury, adoption, anything. Taking requests.


Author's note

I'll try to update daily. My gymnastics season just ended, so I should have more time to write than I have recently. I'll be taking a prompt and writing a oneshot about it. Please feel free to comment prompts! Like I said in the summary, I'm taking requests!

In all of these, unless stated otherwise, Civil War and Infinity War never happened, and all the Avengers are living happily in Avenger's Tower as one big, happy, dysfunctional family.

1. Identity Reveal

"So, you're coming to my house tonight, right?" Ned asked. "For movie night?"

"Of course," Peter nodded, shutting his locker. "I'm going to the lab with Mr. Stark, I mean, uh, Tony- and he'll drop me off at your house around 6."

Aunt May had died of a stroke 7 months ago, and Tony had immediately taken Peter in. 2 months later, Tony and Pepper had gotten married, and officially adopted the 16-year-old. Peter was still trying to adjust to the new arrangements.

"Great," Ned said. "I got the LEGO AT-AT set, so we could work on that while we watch. And Mom said she'll make snacks."

"Awesome, dude!" Peter exclaimed. "Hey, so I was thinking-"

Peter's voice cut off as he opened the front door of the school, and was immediately assaulted by an onslaught of light and sound. At least 7 news vans were parked outside, and the moment Peter stepped out, cameras began flashing, and the dozens of reporters surged forward, shouting.

"Peter! What's it like living with Tony Stark?"

"Do you live with the Avengers?"

"How do you balance being a high school student and being Spider-Man?"

"Peter, come back inside!" Principal Orita's voice echoed down the hallway from behind him and Ned, as he fought his way through the sea of students attempting to escape for the weekend.

Peter complied, looking shell-chocked. "What's going on?" he asked, once Principal Morita was within earshot.

"I think you'll need to see this," Principal Morita ushered Peter and Ned into his office. He turned on a television, displaying the news.

 "Earlier today, we recieved word that Spider-Man/s identity has been revealed by a source within Stark Industries, who wished to remain nameless. 16-year-old Midtown Tech student Peter Parker has been revealed as Spider-Man, as well as the recently adopted son of billionaire Tony Stark, who doubls as Iron Man. Neither have yet made any comment." 

Principal Morita turned the television off. Peter continued to stare at it, shock and horror coursing through him. "How did they find out?" he finally whispered.

As if on cue, Peter's phone rang. A quick glance at the screen showed it was Tony.

"Mr. Stark?" Peter croaked, reverting to the more formal name in his panic.

"Kid?" Tony's voice answered. "Listen, kid, we've got a situation-"

"I know. I'm in Principal Morita's office... Mr. Stark, Tony, there's a ton of reporters here-"

"Shit," Tony muttered. "Alright, kid, I'm on my way. Can you hang tight for, like, ten minutes?"

"No!" Peter gasped. He cleared his throat. "I mean, no, Mr. Stark, Iron Man showing up is only going to make it worse. I'll just... is Happy here?"

"Yes," Tony hesitated. "Alright, Pete. Happy is just on the other side of all the news vans or whatever. He's trying to get up to the door, but he can't get through all the reporters. I need you to listen to me, and do exactly as I say, alright?"

"Okay," Peter said weakly.

"Don't talk to any of them," Tony instructed. "Keep your head high, but don't say a single word. Have Ned wait in the principal's office until his parents or someone can get there, alright? Tell him to call his mom or somebody, we don't want those vultures going after him, too. Keep me on the line the entire time, okay? Don't talk to me until you're in the car, just don't hang up. Got it?"

"Yeah," Peter agreed. "Mr. Stark... how could they have found out?"

"I don't know kid," Tony said bitterly. "Somebody who works here found out, and decided it would be a good idea to tell the press, I guess. Don't worry, we're working on figuring out who it was, and they'll be fired. I'll personally make sure they can never hold another job. Messing with a kid's life like this..." Tony trailed off, and Peter could imagine him shaking his head. "Are you ready to head out?"

"Yeah," Peter muttered. "Just... hold on, I'm going to tell Ned what's going on..." he set the phone down, looking at Ned. "I'm leaving," he began explaining. "Happy's out there, he just can't get in here through all the people. Mr. Stark told me to tell you to call your mom or someone, and hang tight in here until they can come get you. He doesn't want people bothering you, too."

"Okay," Ned said weakly. "Are you... are you going to be alright?"

Peter shrugged. "No idea," he said, truthfully. "Mr. Stark said he's working on figuring out who told them. We'll figure it out."

"Okay," Ned nodded. "I guess movie night's off, then?"

"What?" Peter looked at him incredulously. "No way! Just... maybe we'll have Happy come get you around 6, instead of dropping me off? We can have movie night in the tower."

"That would be so cool," Ned looked excited. "I can really come into Avenger's Tower?"

Before Peter could answer, the door to the office opened, and Happy entered, looking slightly out of breath.

"Happy!" Peter exclaimed, picking up the phone again. "Mr. Stark, Happy just got here, apparently he got through all the reporters!"

"Good!" Tony sounded relieved. "Tell him that he's not to let any of them come anywhere near you."

"I wasn't planning on it," Happy said.

"I think he can hear you," Peter said into the phone.

"You've got the volume up pretty high, kid," Happy sighed. "Come on, let's go face the crowd. Don't say anything to them, okay? Keep-"

"I know, Mr. Stark already gave me the rundown," Peter explained. "Let's just... let's just go, okay?"

Peter said goodbye to Ned, thanked Principal Morita, and left the office, Happy close behind him. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door again, wincing a little as the lights and sounds assaulted his enhanced senses. As soon as his eyes adjusted, he noticed that his classmates were walking right past the reporters without saying a thing to them.

 You've got to give them some credit, he thought, surprised. He had thought that they would jump at the chance to be on the news, especially Flash and his group of bullies.

To his even greater surprise, Flash was standing beside the front doors, apparently waiting for him. As he started forward, Peter warily took a step back.

"Listen, Parker," Flash said slowly. "I just... I'm... I dunno, sorry? And thanks. I mean, you could have taken me down any time you wanted, apparently, but you... didn't? And you didn't send Iron Man after me, so... thanks. And I'm sorry."

Flash hesitated, and then held out his hand. Peter took it slowly, and they shook hands. Flash stood there awkwardly for a moment, before turning and hurrying away.

"Who was that?" Happy asked.

"Just... a kid in my class," Peter said. "Let's go."

He led the way through the sea of reporters, doing as Tony had said and keeping his head high, but refusing to make eye contact with any of the reporters. As soon as he and Happy made it into the car, Peter let out a breath he hadn't been aware he was holding.

"Let's get you home, kid," Happy said, starting the car. Both Peter and Happy had never been so thankful for tinted windows.


"Peter!" Tony exclaimed, the moment Peter stepped into the penthouse. "I am so sorry, kid. We figured out who told, and they've been fired and everything, but the damage has been done. There's not much we can do, except we'll probably have to hold a press conference address this... Pepper's dealing with it already, she's got my legal team arranging everything. Are you alright?"

Peter shrugged. He noticed the rest of the team behind Tony, sitting on the couches and watching them, but he ignored them for the time being. "I think so. I mean, I was sort of trying to keep my identity a secret, but... it's out now, so I'll just have to... deal with it, I guess. I'll be fine."

Tony stared at him for a moment, before stepping forward and enveloping Peter in a hug. Peter pressed his face into Tony's chest, taking deep breaths, trying to keep the sudden threat of tears at bay.

"We've got to keep Ned safe," he whispered. "And MJ. And... and everyone at school. They announced what school I go to. There's... there's a lot of people who aren't Spider-Man's biggest fan, who'd love to get their hands on his friends as revenge. Just... make sure they're all safe."

"We will," Tony murmured into Peter's curls. "We'll up the security at the school. And we'll make sure Ned and MJ are safe."

"Okay," Peter whispered. "Thank you."

He didn't know how long they stayed there, Tony's arms wrapped around him, his hand running through Peter's hair. At some point, he heard the team leaving. And still, he and Tony didn't move.


Peter sat on the couch, his eyes glued to the television screen, as he watched Pepper announce Tony. He watched as Tony took to the stage.

"I'm going to say this right now, and I'm only going to say it once," he said, his voice cold. "I am here for one purpose only, and that is to address the news that was leaked about Peter Parker yesterday afternoon. Yes, it's true. I have adopted him. He is now my son. And yes, it is also true that he doubles as the hero Spider-Man. But let me make this clear," Even through the screen, Peter could see the dangerous look in Tony's eyes. "Peter is a 16-year-old kid.  My  16-year-old kid. He's got Iron Man, and the rest of the Avengers backing him up. So you are all to leave. Him.  Alone.  If I hear that any reporters have bothered him, or gone to his school, or talked to his friends, or any of his classmates or teachers, I will personally make sure that reporter is fired, and that they can never hold a job again. He's a kid. He deserves to live his life. So do all his friends. Leave them all alone, or I will come after you with all the power of the Avengers."

Tony turned around, and stalked off the stage.

Peter turned the television off, and gave a soft smile. Maybe things would be alright. 


  Tomorrow's Prompt: Field Trip

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