Online Romance

Insecure Taylor creates a fake online account but things change when she meets James. Unwilling to admit her wrongdoings, Taylor worries James will realise her lies. But Taylor tries her best to hold on to James, spinning a web of lies. Will her web of lies become unravelled causing her to lose James forever?


11. Chapter 11

As they walked back towards town Taylor struggled to find words as she was so nervous. James, on the other hand, was cool and collective and kept the conversation flowing. 

"So" Taylor finally managed, "what do you want to do today?"

James grinned as he mulled it over. "well" he started "I know your favourite book is The Fault in Our Stars and I heard it was in cinemas, so we can see that." He grinned. "We can also have some food, I don't know about you but I am starving!" 

Taylor laughed. "Yeah, sounds good."

She tried to hide her smile at the fact he had remembered little details, like her favourite book. 


"That'll be €20" the girl behind the ticket counter declared. 

"I'll get that" James insisted, handing over the money. Taylor had objected but to no avail as James just smiled and brushed her off. 

She was having an amazing day so far. They had gone to a local restaurant and talked for hours about random subjects. Things seemed so easy with James, it was as if they'd know each other forever. Taylor no longer felt nervous, she was completely comfortable around him now. Although she had to admit, she still got a fluttering in her stomach whenever he turned to her and smiled. Wow. She really loved that smile. The thought of sitting in the dark movie theatre with him also gave her butterflies. This was her first proper date and she didn't know what to expect. 

They sat in the theatre chatting as they waited for the movie to start. Suddenly, the room dimmed and Taylor's heart began to race. 

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