Legends of Dirtman

During his Summer vacation, Terrence Turner was out in the woods with some friends when he saw a dirt tornado emerge from the ground throwing around branches and leaves. His friends ran away in terror, but he was left alone intoxicated by the deadly dirt that would soon give him the power to be the dirt tornado, to be able to knock people out in a second with the strong winds. He then at that moment became Dirtman. Terrence would soon go on adventures he could never imagine himself doing and he would defeat the great super villain, Edgar Evil, or so he thought.


1. School's out

My friends and I are so excited that school is finally out, so my friend Connor had the idea of having a campfire to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation. I almost forgot to introduce myself, I am Terrence Turner and this is the story of how I became Dirtman and saved millions of people's lives, but let's not get too far ahead in the story. It all started on my way to Connor's house. It was beginning to get dark and I kept hearing something dragging along behind me, at that point I had thought nothing of it. When I had finally arrived I was really annoyed. My friend told me that this was only going to be a few people, people that we knew and that we were friends with, but word had spread about Connor's party and everyone showed up. Connor was one of my more popular friends, you know the blonde hair, blue eye, football player kind of guy. I was not so much one of the popular kids nor did I have any interest to be. They all seemed superficial and rude, well except Katie Jones, she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen, and she was different, kind even. She had hair that was golden like and beautiful brown eyes, but it didn't matter anyways, she didn't even know I existed. I was so over being at the party so I let my friends know i was gonna head out. My friends had followed me to the woods when it happened. The dirt tornado came out of nowhere, my friends took off running back to the house and I was intoxicated by the deadly dirt, little did I know this was going to be one of the most important moments in my life but I just didn't know it yet. I was on my way home and I felt strange like I could pass out in a matter of seconds. I got to my front door and I was able to open the door before instantly passing out. I had a feeling this summer was going to be very interesting. The next day I woke up with a strange feeling that something was different, and that I was stronger. I went in the bathroom to look at myself and it was the weirdest thing. Nothing had changed, well at least not physically. I still had brown short hair and green eyes. I still had a pretty muscular body, but yet why does something feel different.

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