Starry-Eyed Verses

"I'm not saying that I'm romanticizing my life.
How can I make something better when I like it , the way it is."

My first ever poem collection.

Cover by @Lady-Emerald ( on wattpad)

Also available as a blog at : ( but they're different.)

- Goals before completed - 17/100
Copyright © 2018 Zaquira L.C


Author's note

My first ever poem collection.

Cover by @Lady-Emerald on wattpad

( if you see this on wattpad, I’m the same author )

Ps. None of these poems are about me.

17. Insomniac Chimera

"The oceans move,

to my every beck and call.

It sometimes paralyzes me at the seams.

Leaving me with nothing,

but the moons gaze.

Why must I have this much control?

It's kind of toxic,

the power to control these worlds.

I made within my mind.

The poison starts to feel like a miracle.

Flowing through my veins,

and my vision becomes kaleidoscopic.

I hear a voice calling for me, but the reception is low.

So, under static is all I hear.

" Wake up,

please don't leave me.

Don't leave me ,

I can't survive without you."

It sounds familiar,

and yet so foreign.

The oceans turns red,

and the moon grins.

I run and,

the truth catches up.

My vision turns black,

and I regret nothing. "

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