❤️A High school Fiolee fanfic❤️

Fionna the human has just stared high school she used to be a good little girl but when she meets . Marshall a vampire bad boy she falls in love with him


1. Chapter 1: Fionna first day

Fionna pov

beep beep, the sound of my clock took off I just trow it at the wall. It made smash Sound I just went back to bed.

Just then my friend cat came in the room "come on Fiona time for school" she said

"just ten ten more minutes" I said

The room was cold all around them It was winter yet again In the land of ahhhh but I was not on winter brake.

For I had one more week of school left I got out of bed and took a bath and put on my school uniform and ran downstairs

I grab some toast on the way out and ran down from the door way steps to catch the school bus I sat down in my sit all out of breath


💀~Marshall lee~ pov💀

I had headphones in my ears someone was taping on my shoulder.

I took off them off my head and turned around "excuse me may i have some water" a girl said

I looked in my bag for some water and hand it to herSHE TOOK IT FROM MY HAND AND DRANK FROM IT

"thanks she said I though i was going to be a goner when i was choking on that piece of bared"

"don't mention it" I said "than I put my earbuds back in my ears".

"she is kind of cute I though in my head" my name is Marshall lee" i said

"my name is Fionna" she said

"cute name for a pretty girl like you" I said

thanks she said

the bus came to a stop

"omg this school huge then the other one i got kicked out of" i said

Fionna pov

'omg you got kicked of school'? for what i asked

"for getting in a lot of fights with the teachers and students" he said

"well see you around new girl" he said as he walked away

that was weird then the bell rang oh no Im going to be late to get my" "schedule I ran to the front office to get my schedule so much for my first day i said in my head"

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