The Little Things

I woke up, tears running from my cheeks, my eyes widened, I fell back into my bed, my head sank deep into the pillows, slowly filling with tears. I had a dream, the same dream I had, many many years ago, but I could never remember what the dream was about. I sat up taking a pillow into my arms, laying my head on it, I sat in the dark waiting, Hoping that the light would go on soon, I was to scared to leave my bed just yet. Hair of blonde, pale skin, eyes of violet, the sweetest smile, and the warmest heart, I am a girl of fourteen and I always do my best to please others. Who am I, I am Violite (THE GIRL WHO COULDN'T HIDE)


Author's note

hope you liked it.



                The door opened slowly, as the light went on, a woman came in, looking at me coming closer, her hands extended. she gave me a warm hug and gave a slight kiss to my forehead, patting my back "there-there, it's okay, tell me what happened, everything." I looked down holding her tighter tears running from my cheeks "I don't know," I looked up covering my red face, breathing heavily "mom I'm so scared."


                 I let go and curled up into a ball hoping that it would ease the pain, leaving what was going on in the world behind. I looked into her eyes "what's going to happen to me, and why does this keep happening?" I looked down, tears running down my mom's cheeks as she lifted my chin "Violate, me and John love you and will do anything to keep you safe, your going to be okay," she held me tight "and don't forget it, we will always be with you."


                  I looked up wiping the tears from my eyes, forcing a smile to my face. "alright" I got up and walked into the kitchen, pulling my dads breakfast out of the cupboards, placing it nicely on the table. I grabbed my backpack and went into the front room sitting on the couch watching out the window for the bus, waiting for my first-day at emerald high school to begin. I looked up slowly closing my eyes, and a girl came out from behind the wall, yawning and rubbing her tired eyes.


                  "Where is daddy."  I looked away from the window and at the girl, staring at me her eyes widening. I smiled and gently patted her head "he's sleeping right now, so we need to make sure that we are very quiet," I looked up and saw the bus out the window jumping up I yelled, "the bus is here." grabbing my backpack, I yanked the door open and ran out to the bus.


                    I got on walking down the rows of seats, sitting in the second to back seat, avoiding the rest of the crowd. sitting down, pulling out my art book ready to draw.

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