Lost in my own words- poetry

I’m not going to add a picture here because I want the poems in this Movella to speak for themselves. I want the words to be interpreted, not the cover.


1. Peter Pan

Take me away Peter,

Hand in hand,

Tell them to meet me in Neverland

As my light is fading,

As I close my eyes,

I can see the Northstar burning through the skies!

I cannot wait,

Imagine and see,

The lost boy’s hat that’s waiting for me.

I know I’m a girl,

I proved you wrong,

Sometimes we aren’t all that strong.

Tell them I love them,

Give them the letters I wrote,

I don’t want my lively song to end on a sour note.

I’m sorry this is so much,

Please don’t grieve,

There are more important things than silly old me.

I know it was abrupt,

So sudden and soon,

But recognize my eyes among the stars and the moon

I can fly I can fly!

See me happy and free,

Forever and always, as long as I believe.

Take me away Peter,

Hand in hand,

Tell them I’ll be watching from Neverland.

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