Love at First Bite


Author's note

This is the first piece story I have done

1. Layla



Father- AVI

Mother- Calla

Elder Brother- Jason

Elder Sister- Ingrid

The main character- Layla



            My family has always been close. We usually never disagree. Out of the 4 years of life, I have never heard mommy and daddy fight like this before. My siblings told me it was okay it is normal for there to be a fight every once in a while, but not for me. My siblings said that they fought when I wasn't around it was always over dumb stuff though like daddy spent money on something useless that he thought was cool, or mommy taking a friend somewhere without asking him first. This time they were fighting over something important, and mommy was crying.


             Daddy ended the conversation with " I'm leaving", and mommy was still crying on the sofa when my siblings and I came out to comfort mommy and ask where daddy had gone?

             My eldest brother of the age of 15 Jacod, started the conversation off with one word  "Why?". Why. Why what? is all I could think of all daddy said was that he was leaving he could have gone to the store for more milk we were running low, or maybe for some lunch, none of us have eaten yet and we all LOVE fast food though I prefer a freshly hunted deer that mommy just brought home. Ingrid my second eldest sibling of the age of 12 was crying almost as much as mommy. Finally, after a few minutes, mommy stopped and told us to sit on the couch. Mommy spoke soft softer than I had ever heard her speak before if not for my keen hearing that I got blessed with for being what I am, I would have never heard what she was saying. " your father is not coming back he said that he wanted something more than we can provide" I was puzzled and confused not coming back, something more what else could he want I know that all I want is already here with me my family. I guess the way I felt showed through my face because mommy just looked at me and said " I know Layla , I wish that I knew what else he could want to, but I haven't the slightest Idea" " My children I love you all so much and so did your father, but if he wants something else then there is no stopping him" no kidding the thing about us wolves if that we are very stubborn, prideful, and hard headed so there is no talking us out of something if we really want it, so that was that daddy was gone and we were on our own.

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