Love is all we need - that we can’t have

This poem is for the people who has the very nice illusion of knowing me. But they don’t... at least not until reading the very next words, that I’m gonna type. So please, if you can relate make me feel a little less alone, and comment. Thank you.


1. Unknowingly

No one really knows,

Do they?

They think they understand why,

Why we broke our vows.

Think they know us,

But they don’t.

Think they understand us,

But they don’t understand us and our feelings, more then we understand the universe.

They might have our blood,

But that’s it.

No spark is being lit, by the sound of their name.

Their love to us is big,

But it’s not great.

Although it is still love, and they’l still try to understand,

They never truly will.




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