Hopes and Wonders

Collection of my poems


1. In My Eyes

In my eyes 
you could once see a light so bright. 
The light was blown out. 
The candle was eternal. 
But the flame... 
The flame was the vulnerable spot. 
The flame got weaker 
as the time passed. 
Almost blown out, but managed to keep burning 
though only with a smaller flame 
each time. 
You see, 
my eyes once burned with passion, 
love, hope, happiness. 
But as those got weaker 
misused and treated wrong 
they died
after one 

In my eyes 
you could once see the dreams and wonders lingering there. 
But the dreams shattered 
as reality seemed more and more 
I couldn't become the child I wanted to be. 
I said the wong things,
did the wrong things,
at the wrong times. 
Hope died with it. 
I once wondered about everything. 
How the world began. 
How we could be here. 
Now I can only wonder 
how can I still be alive? 
When everything 
turned dark. 
They were destroyed 
by me 

In my eyes 
you could see the life,
the will and want to live, 
how amazing life was.
I smile when I look back at those memories
that will never happen again. 
The life died. 
Now it's only survival.
No living.
No dreaming.
No wonders.
No passion.
No love.
No hope.
No happiness.
No light.
It's all dead because I couldn't hold onto it.
And now I'm slipping,
falling into that numbness that threatens to kill me

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