1. The Only Chapter


All wolves are different, but this wolf was a LOT more different than most wolves. Augusta LOVED to go on adventure. This wolf controlled all the wolves in the Taiga. Augusta is this mighty Wolfe's name. 


Augusta was training to be an alpha. He was on a coarse when all of a sudden his father came to tell him some news. "Augusta" His father said in his deep, raspy voice. "Come, I have some good news" Augusta started following his father confused. "Dad, what is so important?" Augusta said, still confused. "You have a quest from the alpha." said his father. "Well? You going to tell me?" He said exceedingly. "The alpha wants you to go on a quest for the king, I know that this was surprising" His father said. "dad its fine" He said interrupting his dad. "Are you sure" he said concerned. 




To be continued


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