To turn back time

She was running. Running as fast as she could. The Hogwarts castle was edging further and further away; the forbidden Forrest coming nearer. The chain on her time turner was cold around her neck. Hang on, she could fix this. Just the simple twist of a time turner. She could risk it. Just this once.
She shouldn't have. Hermione was being chased by a dangerous creature and even she didn't know what it was.
Instead of turning time back only three hours, she went back to the time of the marauders.


1. Creatures of confusion

"Everybody clear the castle!"  Professor Mcgonagall  shouted over the commotion. Something was attacking Hogwarts. Something was trying to kill me. I don't know why. Everyone was panicking an screaming! We had to get out. Every single one of us. 

Maybe I could fix this; stop it from happening. Just the simple twist of a time - turner. It was cold as I held it in my hand. Hang on, something was coming. The creature! The creature attacking us had found me. I had to run. 

Five seconds later and I was almost down to Harris's hut, the time-turner still in my hand. I could do it whilst running. Yes, that's what I'll do. My hand slipped a little as I was twisting it. Everything went black.



--------------------------'-'------------&------------6--------------6666------------' .Hubbub --------_-----------------------

So there it is. The first terribly written chapter of this terribly written story. Hope you enjoyed!




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