Danganronpa 2. Monchrome rebirth.

Every story has an end. Every story has its begin.

Since the fateful days of the BSTT incident, the school took every precaution to check up on their students. There was even made a foundation to make sure no killing game ever was to happen again. A few years past since the first BSTT murder game and soon it's gonna start again. Fifteen ultimate students of the #18 class are now soon gonna find themselves in that kinda game again. They are now in Monocamp. Their school trip right into Despair.


10. Fear.

The sound of my memento echoed throughout my room. I was lying in my bed, flipping my coin as I was listening to it again and again:
"This is getting annoying," I said. I didn't leave my room since I came back from the totem. The nighttime announcment had run and it was getting dark outside. I had no idea what to do right now. Who to trust and who to suspect. All of us are just teenagers, could we really commit murder and can we even investigate a murder? What can we even do?!
"Ah damn it!" I shouted kicking my bed table. It fell down as I stood up. I walked into my shower and stared into the mirror. I took a deep breath:
"What is with you, Jay. You aren't a person to let anger get the better of you." I said to myself. I shook my head and looked at the small poker chip in my hand:
"I need to get out of here!" I shouted. I walked out of the shower and into my living quarters. I was about to sit down on my bed when I heard something:
"Ding!" A chime sound came from my table. My Monopad glowed up. I walked up to it and unlocked it. Something was on the communication tab:
"Mail from...Sasha?" I asked. I opened it and read it:
"Are you awake?" It said. I looked confused but chose to answer:
"Yes?" I answered. I placed it down but it instantly chimed again:
"What the?" I asked as I took it up. I looked at it again:
"Can we meet up?" It said:
"Why?" I typed and sent it. I held it in my hand as I could see her type:
"I just need someone to talk to...Please." She typed. I sighed and then typed:
"Sure. Meet you outside your cabin." I typed and left my room. I had my monopad with me as I walked through the night. I could see someone in the distance:
"Liza?" I asked. Liza turned to me. She had a red ring around her eye:
"O-Oh. Jay." Liza said in surprise:
"Were you crying?" I asked:
"N-no. Not at all. I don't cry." Liza said. I looked at the grass in front of me and saw the red traces:
"It's okay," I said. Liza looked at me:
"I know that you might be in shock over what happened. But Zack did it to protect you. So instead of being guilt tripped. Then thank him." I said. Liza looked in surprise:
"W-What. You are amazingly good at advice." Liza said:
"Thanks?" I asked:
"I'm okay now. You're right! see you tomorrow." Liza said running off. I stood there for a few seconds then headed toward the girls' cabins:
"Y-You don't have to follow me inside, tho I wouldn't min-mind," Liza said as she hid her face under her hat:
"Please don't misunderstand," I said. Liza walked inside her cabin and I just sighed. I walked around:
"Which one is it again?" I asked. I walked around the area in a tired state:
"Here..." Sasha said as she looked out through the window in the cabin:
"Are you...Still inside?" I asked in a tired voice. She nodded through the window:
"The front door is open. Come inside." Sasha said. I looked at her for a few moments, panic, fear, but no malice. Seems like she is safe. I walked up to her door and opened it. Inside was small clippings from newspapers spatter out on the walls and she had a desk with a typing machine:
"Damn. Is a journalist living here or is it just me?" I asked sarcastically. She was sitting by the window on a chair. She stood up and looked at me. I saw it instantly. The emptiness in her eyes. She dashed forward and then drew a knife. My eyes widened as she jumped me. I dodged as she cut after me. I was cut over my left side. I  grunted in pain as I flew forward and grabbed her wrist. I pushed it up against the wall and held it tightly:
"Let me go! Let me go! Just let me kill you!" Sasha shouted. I tighten my grip and she let go of the knife. The metal blade dropped to the ground with a small amount of red on it:
"Let me go! Let me go!" She shouted:
"Calm down!" I shouted. She stopped talking. I took a deep breath and tried to ignore the stinging pain in my side. I took a deep breath. She had this emptiness and fear in her eyes. There was no Sasha:
"Sasha!" I said sternly and gave her a hit on the head. She looked at me in shock:
"My god...Girl." I said letting go of her hand. I grabbed the knife and fell down on the chair. I took a deep breath. Her hand was trembling as she fell to her knees:
"Aren't journalist suppose to be composed?" I asked. That was scary, the moment I got into her room she jumped me, her emotions did a one-eighty:
"What have I done?" she asked:
"Calm down. It's merely a scratch." I said as I pulled up on my shirt. You could see the blood drip from my side:
"I just need some bandage." I said. Silence filled the room as I looked out the window. The cut wasn't that deep at all:
"You are doing what he wants you to do." I said. She looked at me:
"Sasha, I thought you were a nice person, this right here-" I said holding up the knife:
"Isn't you. You are nicer than this and stronger than letting some monkey control you. We will find a way out." I said. Sasha looked at me in shock:
"I might be a bit of a dick and loner but the last thing I want is for us to kill each other." I said throwing the knife into her trash can:
"No one needs to know what happened here." I said. Sasha looked surprised:
"We are all on edge. You kinda helped me too. I was on the verge of a break down too but just realized what we are balancing here. So thank you and...Ow." I said with a grin as I walked toward the door. I heard quick footsteps and stopped up as I felt someone tug my shirt:
"wait here." She said leaving the cabin. I looked confused but shrugged:
"Better not leave. Just be prepared for a bigger weapon maybe?" I asked myself as I sat down. I waited around her room for a few moments and then she came inside again. She brought bandages:
"What? I could have done that myself." I said. She walked up to me and looked at me:
"Take off your shirt." Sasha said. I looked surprised:
"What?" I asked:
"J-Just do it!" Sasha shouted. I sighed and did it. She began to bandage my wound:
"You're just stubborn." I said:
"Shut up...I did this, so I want to at least fix it." Sasha said. I sighed:
"Don't let fear control you, if you do so, then the killing will start. I might not be friendly toward Zack but his strategy might work." I said:
"Strategy?" Sasha asked:
"The bonding thing. We don't know each other right, we could give less of a fuck about each other, but if we could get to know each other. We might stand a chance against this fear." I said:
"Why do you say that?" Sasha asked:
"It's just a hunch, a form of gambling I like to do. This plan isn't bulletproof but I think our highest success rate is if all of us got to know each other. We might also find out who is more dangerous than others." I said:
"You're really pla-planning." Sahsa said. I sighed, she is still not completely okay:
"Sasha. I know you're scared." I said. She blinked:
"I know that you're scared. You wouldn't have attacked me unless you were scared. Everyone wants to escape. So, please...Help me." I said holding out my hand. She looked at it:
"let's do our best to make sure everyone stay friendly." I said. Sasha looked at my hand then me again. She smiles:
"Let's make a headline!" Sasha shouted. I smiled:
"Now. I will go back and sleep. I feel like getting tired from getting cut." I said:
"O-ouch." Sasha said as she looked apologetic. I nodded as I took on my shirt:
"See you tomorrow." I said leaving. The real battle begins here. I need someone as optimistic as Sasha to win this. She is my trump card

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