The Fox Wolf: Book 1

This is a real animal but not a real story.


1. Chapter 1

My name is Fire-Heart. I live in a zoo and plan to escape to see my parents. I was stolen for an ambassador, what ever that is, anyway I am apparently a prized possession of a zoo. Is it because of my coat, because if it is I will, never mind. Every time I find a way out they plug it. Supposedly I will be getting a friend, but who knows. "Look at her, the poor thing really needs a butty." said Stacy the zoo keeper that works on Fire-Heart's enclosure. "Oh well, we don't have enough money. The only one we can get is a male. Besides she looks happy." said the zoo owner. Stacy said, "She is? Fire-Heart has been trying to escape sense we found her! That is happy to you?" "Yes. OK. Maybe your right, I will try to get another." Said Kayden, the zoo owner. I was soooooooooo angry, when he said this. I really wanted to leave.

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