Realistic in Love

We all have been there. The start of relationship, where we plan and long for a future together. We hurt and heal each other. It is a collection of poems that explain the duration and the feelings during them.


Author's note

To me realistic love, having a positive relationship, is one in which you can step back from your own emotional roller coaster. We all have demons inside that sprout up from time to time, sometimes those demons can get the best of us. A scenario that happens with your loved one can trigger these demons in ways that are toxic to your positive relationship. The only advice I have to you about your inner demons is to work through them, have a loving partner who can understand and empathize for those demons but also work with you to get you beyond that moment of feeling uneasy. Things get toxic they also get heavenly. I have tried to express all the ups and downs of a love life.

1. His Eyes Brown

His Eyes Brown 

My lips red and his eyes brown

I keep staring till sun goes down

I really want him to be with me

He is in his room and I am in lawn


My lips red and his eyes brown

We stay together from dusk till dawn

Nights make me miss you when I yawn

The benches are lonely we sit on


My lips red and his eyes brown

To make me happy he becomes a clown

We do fight just like kids

All the silence at the end breaks down


My lips red and his eyes brown

He is my king and deserves a crown

One day I will lock him down

He will be the groom and I will be in gown

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