Loving him

This story is about forbidden love and its a true story and i'm still living through it and trying to figure things out.


1. History

Just like any other romance, we are not perfect. We met over snapchat. He's an older boy which is usually the guys I go after for some reason. I never imagined things would be so messy, but I guess that is just life. I found out shortly after we started to talk that he had talked to my sister, who is his age. At first, I did not want to make my sister upset, but something drew me to him, a feeling that I can not explain because I do not understand it myself. I did not want to fall for him, I did not want to have any feelings what-so-ever. My sister and I are really close and I did not want to hurt her, so I knew I had to lie. Everytime I start to fall for someone or when I do I end up hurt and broken. Last time it had nearly killed me. I keep convincing myself not to love him and that I do not have feelings for him, but lying to myself hurts as well. I did not realize the history would be such a problem, but it scares me a little that I could lose both of them and that I can not even tell my best friend about how happy he makes me feel. 

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