Camp Fear



10. The culprit

The culprit

The flashlights of Celia , Paige and Amber all hit something .

A body

"Shit ,shit oh my god pray!" Celia whimpered , Rainn's body lay ahead of her and the girls .

Miss Boolittle rushed to the girls side , Rainn seemed as if shed been butchered , her face clawed and her bare arms almost cut all over to the bone and even blood could be seen through her navy blue jeans.

Miss Boolittle began desperately checking for a pulse , she then screamed out " I've got a pulse call an ambulance !"

"THANK GOD!" Celia wailed helplessly


"All I can remember is the footsteps , I heard them when I got stabbed ." Rainn stated to Celia who was siting at her hospital bed side.

"That's awful ." Celia said wiping tears from her eyes

Rainn hugged her friend , she was weak but healing but the best healing was friendship. Since the attack she had changed. She was more understanding of Celia and in general of over people as well as herself .

"I want to go back ."

"What" Celia replied shook by what her friend had just said .

"I want to go back , I have to remember what happened ." Rainn explained

She spun her legs out of the bed standing o her own two feet in front of Celia , "I can do this ".


It was day but the forest was still as eerie as it was at night , "Look for anything , footprints , clothing something we can use as evidence." Rainn said meaning business .

She began wondering by the tree she had been found by , she instantly noticed something.

There was something bright and only slightly visible hidden under the soil under the tree , Upon closer inspection Rainn realized it was a blueish pearl earing , the same as one of the creepy councillors wore .

Once they told the police f their suspicion the head councillors where taken into custody , however they never found Susan's body , was there a third murderer?


..............I guess we will never know.



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