Su A Shen Li a girl with mental problems. She was neglected by her parents when she was just a little kid. Every one is scared of her because rumors are flying around about her. That she kills children and eat them afterwards. That she killed her little brother because she is hungry.

Cheng Bai a little kid with dark secrets around him behind his innocent child face. A vampire prince that everyone mocks and hates.

What will Cheng Bai do when he finds out that rumors about A shen li are all true. That she really does eat children.
Is A shen li the truly heartless as they say she was.

One day these two meet and the balance was destroyed.



Once upon a time, the earth is ruled only by humans. The air is peaceful, the humans are hardworking beings and the world is beautiful as it looks.

Yet one day, everything changed. Abnormal humans with supernatural powers and strengths showed up and toke over the world. They call themselves Supernatural Beings. The Supernaturals are divided by their ranks, race and power. They are separated into twelve species. First the Snakes, second the zombies, third the Psychopaths, fourth the Vampires, fifth the Demons, sixth the Angels, seventh the Werewolves, eight the Witches or known as Sorcerers, nine the Mermaids and Mermans, tenth the Fairies , eleventh the Spirits, and lastly the Dragons.

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