Silver Fireworks

Four snapshots into the lives of Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Draco Malfoy, and Scorpius Malfoy.

Author's note

Poly relationship - Ferret's Fireworks ship. Features some innuendos and anxiety, but nothing explicit or violent.

1. Content

"George?" Fred asked softly.

The curtains rustled in the warm summer breeze drifting through the open window. Fred and George were supposed to be asleep, as Molly had given them that stern motherly look that meant they'd lay there for hours with their eyes closed if that's what it took to get them to sleep.

George turned his head towards his twin, not at all surprised that Fred was awake. They both were.


George heard Fred take a deep breath. His eyebrows furrowed in concern. Normally, Fred was so comfortable with him, even with the most awkward situations, but now. . . George was worried.

"I met someone a while ago. . . I really like them," Fred whispered.

George's heart sped up in his chest and he felt something in him break a little. He knew what his brother was trying to say, and his heart just hurt to know that the other sixteen-year old had been so hesitant in the first place. Fred meant the world to him.

"Hair color?" George asked, turning his gaze to the ceiling.

"Blond," Fred answered instantly.


"S-Slytherin," Fred stuttered.

George gulped. He wanted to reach for his twin and just shake out the idea that seemed to have set in his head that George was going to judge him. They were together, no matter what, and especially when no one else was there for them.


"Like the mud on the bottom of your shoe," Fred said, and George couldn't help himself, he snickered.

They shared everything, it seemed.

"I think we have our eyes set on the same person, Freddie," George said honestly.

"You think that Mum would understand?" his twin asked in a tone that suggested he already knew the answer.

"No," George snorted.

"We won't tell her, then. That'd be-"

"A disaster, yeah," George finished, giving his twin an amused look.

They normally didn't complete each other's sentences when they were alone, because it wasn't exactly something they needed to do.

Fred let out a relieved little sigh.

"Goodnight, George."

"Goodnight, Fred."

The warm air in the bedroom lulled them both to sleep quickly. They were going to talk about this again, but for now, they were content.

A/N: Written for a good friend of mine, Aya. This ship her passion and her joy, so please go check her out on AO3 and FFN under the users "Aya_Diefair" and "Aya Diefair," respectively. These four chapters are snapshots into the lives of Fred, George, Draco, and Scorpius. Aya has a nice timeline for you on her FFN profile if you want to see all of her and my stories in chronological order.

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