Rayn is a high tier sorcerer, renown throughout the kingdom for her skill and as a brown-skinned beauty. Nowadays the esteemed sorcerer spends her time training her apprentice, Vel Bambi, her only protege. She also carries out missions for the Revliore Kingdom, home to some of the most powerful people in the world.

Author's note

This is to my friend Raina, you reminded me of my love for writing.

2. The Town at the bottom of the Volcano

  Rayn watched as the ground rushed past like a blur, and she marvelled the power of the flight spell. Mobility type magic, especially flight magic was one of the most important spells for any sort of caster. Casters generally don't have well-trained bodies like warriors do, and so their mobility was much slower, but with mobility magic they could compensate the weakness. The magic helped them able to dodge dangerous attacks quickly without having to train their bodies to do so. But as for flight magic, the joy the spell brought was limitless, with it she flew over lakes, forests, and any number of creatures, faster than anything else, and soon enough the town was in sight.

  Within moments she was landing at the entrance of the town which lay at the bottom of the volcano. The guardsmen who stood at the gates gasped at her flashy entrance, then their eyes narrowed as they recognised the oddly clothed brown-skinned woman. She wore skin-tight black clothing that completely covered her limbs and body, but left quite a revealing plunging neckline. She wore also a grand cloak, midnight coloured and thick, and upon her fingers were various rings that reeked of magic. Upon her neck lay a simple necklace, but while it looked simple the necklace itself had immense power, containing defensive magic that protected her from various effects which included: resistances to burning, freezing, physical attacks and mental attacks. 

  She made her way deeper into the city, there was a spell that could make paths within crowds, but it wasn't necessary for here the crowd parted of their own accord. They knew well not to cross a sorcerers path, and instead chose to shoot looks of disgust at her, while others cowered away in fear.

   Finally the building she was looking for finally loomed into sight, the towns guild, a hub of all news and information. A place where missions were born, assigned and completed, so important that it was located just in-front of a small castle, the home of a rich lord. The castle was still a pale imitation however to the grand castle in the capital city of the kingdom, home of the Revliore family, the rulers of the kingdom.

  The servants that appeared before her, trying to direct her only served to annoy her further, she knew the way. She didn't stop her advance, continuing on into the guild and heading straight for the all familiar VIP room, the best most luxury room, and the only place where the prince could be in the guild. 

  Rayn ignored the guards that stood at the doors of the room, and barged in unannounced, ignoring the wise words she had said herself earlier, “never piss off royalty”. The moment the doors slammed open was quite a sight to see, all the knights that had been on guard within had instantly drawn their blades to protect their prince from the intruder.

  And there he was, the one man who didn’t even flinch at her entrance, instead he stared at her cooly, with a sly smile upon his face. He was quite the handsome prince, his dark hair and eyes, a courtesy of the traits of the royal bloodline, which only served to swoon people and steal hearts. But for Rayn, all it took was a glance into his eyes to know that he was a man that you should never cross, and that he meant business. 

  He continued to smile at her and gestured for Rayn to sit, “Rayn, thanks for coming.”

  Her name was after the warm summer rain, a name that her mother had given her, but now many believe that she was named after her ability to rain down hell onto her enemies. She didn’t mind that, in fact she quite liked it, a flattering way to describe her power. But the way the prince had just said her name, was a stark contrast to both, it  commanded obedience and in response, she took the seat.

  “I have a mission for you,” he continued, his eyes glinting in the low light. “There’s been an attack of sorts, people are terrified and talk is of dangerous magical creatures.”

  “Where?” Rayn frowned, thinking furiously, there weren’t many places where magical beings could appear from.

  “The village south of Relore.”

  “RELORE?” Rayn’s eyes widened, and she gasped at him, “Then the cave? The seal?”

  “It's most likely that the seal has been broken, and we ask that you reseal the cave,” the prince said calmly, contrasted with Rayn's outburst.

  Rayn almost jumped in delight, she had never gotten the chance to explore the cave of Relore, for it had always been sealed, and she had never expected that it wouldn't be within her lifetime. She had heard tales of the wonders within, especially the Black Ring, an item she had long sought for, one that wasn't very well known and she had only heard as a mention from her old master. 

  “But you’re not going alone,” when she heard those words, she winced keeping her joy on hold for the moment.


   The prince turned to her and his dark eyes seemed to almost grow, but her hate for that man outgrew the dagger-like stare the prince sent her. “Him.” 

  “NO” she managed, almost shaking in fury, “Anyone, but him.”

  The prince then shrugged simply, then stood up and walked away to face the window behind the table, leaving his back to her. It was quite a spectacular view, for a window, the flight spell did better. His voice returned quietly, “Oh? Then I’ll have to ask someone else to explore Relore with Kieran then, seems like you don’t really want to and not claim any magical item within.”

  Rayn winced, this was definitely a tough choice, she had the once in a lifetime chance to explore the cave but she had to do it with Kieran. She closed her eyes and weighed her choices. 

  Kieran, for the greatest swordsman was quite a blunt headed bully, she recalled the very reason why she hated him. The fact of the matter was that, the lords wanted to see a union between the great sorcerer Rayn and the world's greatest swordsman Kieran, as a way to create a powerful next generation. She had refused instantly, hating the thought of marrying just for their strength. It was almost as bad as the noble's arranged marriages, except that they had no choice, while she did. And what she hated even more was the fact that Kieran actually wanted to go forward with it, not that it was a bad thing, but the way he went about it just reeked of red flags.

   One of the times she had gone into town, he had come all the way from the capitol and appeared before with his devilish smile and had the audacity to say, “Miss Rayn, I already know how bad you want me, you probably have already wished for the day to have a slice of Kieran, so by all means I shall allow you to be bestowed with my seed to forge a child for whom will become your greatest achievement for any child of mine would be great.”

   I mean that in itself wasn’t too bad, for the look on his face when she had refused instantly, was priceless. The real trouble came after, when his whole female horde of fans, had been told mysterious rumours that Rayn had in fact attempted to cast a love spell on their beloved Kieran to force him to lay with her, but his pure personality had saved him from her alluring spell. He even had the audacity to say that he had even forgiven her for her attempt.

   The infuriated womenfolk had ever since been treating her like the devil incarnate. Rayn had even given him a chance to mend things, accepting his request for a date, in which she had to witness his narcissistic belief that she was playing hard to get so that he would love her all the more fiercely. Talkeing about how he would defile her with his rod of great seed, and when she had refused he had even threatened to blackmail her with more defamation.

   It was a wonder she didn’t incinerate him then and there, but a sorcereress had enough enemies as is, but now she had to handle the rumours of casting a bewitching curse on their beloved hero swordsman. A rumour that was bound to last centuries as legend, something she definitely didn’t want to handle were curses from future descendants who wished to mess with time, although whether that was possible was beyond her knowledge.

  “Do I have to?” She begged the prince, “Why does he have to come?”

  The prince didn’t even waver, his stare unbreaking and could chill the room, “because Relore is dangerous, there’s a reason why it had one of the most powerful seals, you should know how strong that seal was, so there must be danger that is equally as powerful, and so to make sure we don’t lose one of our greatest warriors, we send two, as safety.”

  “What if it takes out both of us?” Rayn muttered.

  “Are you saying you're going to lose? But let's suppose it did happen, then we’re doomed either way,” the prince replied.

  “Okay fine, I’ll do it, when does he want to start?” Rayn gasped.

  “Tomorrow at dawn, bottom of Relore.”

  “I’ll be there.”

  “Don’t blow him up.”

  “I wasn’t going to.”

  “Just making sure.”

  Rayn scoffed as she stood up and left without another word, her headache only starting to grow.

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