Jimmy the alien


17. 17


Chapter 17

   “Odd happenings,” the headline stated in big print splashed across the local newspaper.

   The article told of things being moved around the town. At first people thought that they had just mislaid them or forgotten they had left their cars in the mall. But over the weekend a whole house had moved like magic one hundred metres from where it had stood for years.

   Peter showed me the article, “I thought you said people would think the house movement was due to a land slide downhill.” 

   “Yes, yes, I made a mistake. The house was too heavy and I had to just put it down.” I explained to Peter that I could only transport myself and things within a few seconds time span, so it was a matter of how far one could travel within that parameter. Speed was the defining factor. I had discovered I could cover large distances, but not fast enough to go home across the sea to London, where my mom and the box my dad had mentioned before he died.

   Unlike the weightlifter who became muscle bound, I found the heavier the weight lifted with my mind the lighter and faster I became when the weight was removed.

     At breakfast a few days after the newspaper article had appeared my problem of getting home was solved. John our group leader announced we were going home.

  This announcement both pleased and worried me at the same time. How was I to explain to my mom, that my dad, her husband, was an alien who was also now dead.

  Later I learnt from Peter while we were packing that my house moving had been the last straw. At a town meeting called to discuss the goings on as exposed in the newspaper, someone had pointed out that all these strange happenings had only started after our group had arrived in town. Several people agreed and wanted to run us out of town right then and there. Thankfully, there was too many of us to lynch. The mayor, with the backing of the police had, calm thing down only after he had agreed that we would be told to leave.

  Tensions were still running high, so our bus needed a police escort to leave town. It was quite scary to see so many angry people, even those who we had befriended, standing there with hate in their eyes.

  Our police escort left us at the state line. They blocked the road, so stopping any of the accompanying townspeople’s vehicles from following us.

   It was at the airport many hours later that I encountered a blue-eyed man. Remembering my dad’s warning I did not probe him with my mind to see if he was a hunter. Instead, I hid within the ranks of my fellow school mates, hopefully, unnoticed.

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