Jimmy the alien



29. Chapter 29 17/09/2019

Chapter 29

   The words, “Help Me,” reverberated through my brain. It was Natalie. Instantly using all my power, I stretched out and, seeing her mind shield was about to fail, I took it over. Then something strange happened. My robot friend in the Time Machine boosted my power so that not only could I maintain her mind shield but stretch further to attack.

    There were three of them by the time I responded to Natalie’s cry for help. I was too late to save her father.  I in turn was lucky to take out one of the hunters before they realised I had joined the battle. Otherwise the outcome could have gone either way. Afterwards when I physically met up with Natalie, my first job was to calm her down. She was very upset having just lost her father and burst into tears. Naturally, not knowing much about girls, I tried my best to comfort her with a cuddle but somehow this made her cry even more. While holding her, my thoughts were working on how to dispose of the dead bodies lying in the other room. Being underground and the only exits from the complex were through airlocks didn’t help. If only I could transport though solid walls.  By the time Natalie stopped crying my shirt was soaking wet and my friendly robot had solved my problem.  Apparently, I could not only faze backwards and forwards through time but also physical space.  

     According to my Dad’s file on Natalie her mother had died after her birth and now her father gone, she would be all alone except for paid help. I did not know what to do. Should I leave her here or take her back with me? Whatever was decided, the first order of the day was to look in her father’s room.

   “Damn and blast it,” I swore. My Dad’s key didn’t fit the lock either. I was at a loss as what to do next.  I had tried every key on the keyring I had found when I strip searched Natalie’s fathers’ dead body, before disposing of it together with those of the three hunters into the deep ocean. The other puzzling thing was her father dd not have on him a Time Machine. In frustration I announced aloud, “I need access to that room.”  Before I could say more, I felt a vibration emanating from my pocket and watched in surprise as the door unlocked. Once more, my personal Time Machine Robot had done it. 


    Inside the room it was a disappointment. Unlike my Dad’s, there was nothing much but a computer and on it almost no signs that there had been much movement with regards to travelling through the Sea of Time. The reason for this was obvious. A Time Machine lay in pieces strewn across a table. Naturally without it one could not take the risk of being lost in time.  But Because of this I found Natalie had developed different powers She could traverse the years with her mind only. She was in constant mind touch with the three boys I had encountered when I most needed help.  It was by pure accident that the hunters had found her father and, through him, her.  

Apparently, Natalie’s father was trying to repair the Time Machine for her birthday. He had gone to have a broken part specially made. It just so happened that the watchmaker was really a Hunter’s trap.   


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