What I can't speak... Songs will say.


1. Matt Stell - Everywhere But On

  It's a big ol' world outside this little town
Thought that's all I needed to drown you out
It was gonna be easy, it was supposed to be easy
Put some days, put some miles in the rearview
A few state lines between me and you
Just a little space and time and I'd be fine

I've been from Savannah to Long Beach
Trying to keep your memory out of reach
But there you were in the Delta nights
The Santa Fe sun, the Colorado sky
I could add another push pin to the map
But that don't stop me from missing you and looking back
Guess there's just one place I haven't gone
I've moved everywhere but on

My mail's still going to mama's house
'Cause I'm still long gone trying to figure out
Who I am without you and why I still think about you
Just buying my time making ends meet
Loading trucks, pouring coffee, pouring concrete
Planning my next move for getting over you

If I had it my way this ol' highway would have fixed me up somehow
Would have led me home by now


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