Jean Lily Grace

On the surface, everything seems normal but when you dive in deeper, you realise that nothing is ever as it seems...

In a school that seems like any other, lie six students with the ability to change the world.

Jean Lily Grace, telepath with telekinetic abilities is one of these students, unaware of the path her life is about to go down with the arrival of new boy Nathanial Campbell.

Follow the journey of these two and more through friendship, heartbreak, struggle and most of all: adventure.


3. Chapter One: Nathanial Campbell

The school that sat on the hill looked as normal as every other school, drab and prisonlike. The whitewashed block of cement broadcasted its long shadow down the hill, casting everything into despair. Sat a little away from the main building was a tall brick cuboid with four stone turrets. If someone had looked at it from afar they would have thought it was a castle or a church but in reality, it was neither. It was a house, a mansion, and had belonged to a family called the Langstroms for many generations. In fact, the man who now owned it was about the fifth generation of Langstroms there and his name was Alexander. If someone just happened to glance upon it, it would have seemed normal. But to those who knew? They'd have said that nothing was ordinary there, nothing at all.

For many years now, since his parents had passed away and he had completed his teaching degree, he had opened a school. At first the students had learnt in the mansion, with it soon becoming apparent that it was no longer feasible. On top of the hill, not too far from the mansion, Alexander Langstrom had built a new building, a new school, where he taught all his students. Old and new. They came from all over America and had something special inside them, something different. This was, of course, why the school existed.

Alexander Langstrom was pacing about his office talking to his star student, Jean Lily Grace. They had known each other for most of Jean's life and 10 years of Alexander's and had somewhat of a friendly relationship, something unusual between teachers and students normally, but this school was far from normal.

"Higher!" Alexander shouted at Jean

"I'm trying!"

Jean's face contorted with effort as her mind fought to grasp and lift the car the Professor had miraculously managed to get into his office. Then all at once her face relaxed as the object she was lifting began to drop. "It's no good Prof, you've reached my limit. I can't lift it any higher, it's too heavy for me. I knew it would be." Dejectedly Jean folded her arms as the Professor walked over to her smiling kindly.

"You set those limits yourself, my dear child, by believing you can't do something, you will never be able to -but if you tell yourself that you can, then those barriers, those limits, will fade away and you'll be able to do anything you want. So, try again?"

It only took Jean another 10 minutes to complete the task the Professor wanted her to do and once she'd done it, once she'd finally lifted the car, there was nothing else that could match the smile that lit up her face. The smile of someone who had achieved the impossible.

"Bye Professor Langstrom," trailed the cheery voice.

"Bye Jean" the Professor waved, sighing as he sat back down in his old leather chair and picked up the phone as it began to ring.

About 400 miles away, a boy sat up in bed, his hair all ruffled, smiling as he remembered the dream he had been having. Smiled as he remembered the smell of her perfume, the way she had looked in that dress and of the taste of her lips on his.

"Nathanial Campbell, wake up! We have to leave, it's half eleven and it takes close to nine hours to get there so come on!"

Nate jolted upright, memories of the dream fading, as his mother's voice pounded his ears. He jumped out of bed, showered, dressed and only briefly stopped to say 'morning!' to his father before dashing into the kitchen to make himself some breakfast.

It was nearly midday when the Campbell family got into the car, Nate finally fully packed, and headed towards their destination- Professor Alexander Langstrom's Camp for the Unique.

"Where are we goin' mum?" Vienna, Nate's older sister, asked.

"We're headed to a place that has facilities that can deal with Nate's little... problem."

"Well good." Vienna said, cruelty seeping into her voice as she lowered it and whispered to Nate:

"You need some help and I hope this place can give it to you. You're different, too different, and so dangerous that you'll never get another girlfriend again, never have anyone love you again. Not after what happened to Maddie. Thinking about it, you should be in a prison, or a mental asylum, not a special school. No one is safe around you Natey and you know it." With that, Vienna plugged her headphones in and turned away from him, smiling as she watched his face dropped.

It took the Campbell family a few wrong turns, several toilet breaks and almost 10 hours to reach the school. The car rattled as it drove up the gently illuminated pebbled drive, through the wrought iron gates to the car park just outside the door of the mansion which looked magnificent in the dark, tall and imposing, its brickwork clung to by ivy and other creepers. They all got out of the car, Vienna first; Nate last, his heart beating quickly and erratically as he nervously approached the house. His mum was the one to knock on the wide wooden double doors and it was about five minutes (that felt like years to Nate) before the door was opened.

In the doorway, stood a pretty girl- her auburn hair hanging in wet ringlets from where she had just washed it, framing her face. She had green eyes which resembled stars and a wide smile revealing almost perfectly white teeth. "Hey," she said, her smile never dropping, "My name's Jean Lily Grace and I'll be your guide tonight." The Campbell family followed her, Nate more excited than any of them, suddenly he couldn't wait to start here.

About an hour later, Jean had led the Campbell family around the whole of the Langstrom's mansion, fully describing all the facilities that the camp had to offer, trying to pique their interest and send their son there, but their mind had already been made up before they had even arrived, they only had had to convince Nate which had been easy, thanks to Jean. "And that concludes our tour" Jean said, her voice slightly scratchy from where she had been talking non-stop, her smile still bright.

"Thank you" Mrs Campbell told her, smiling at the young girl whom she could feel would draw Nate to the school and convince him to stay. "Any questions Nate, dear?"

"Um... no, not really- Jean clarified everything for me." He said, blushing slightly as Jean smiled at him again.

"Thank you, Miss Grace," Mr Campbell smiled "So Nate, you getting your stuff then?"

It took Nate two trips back to the car to get everything he needed and it was almost midnight by the time he settled in the room that he had been told was his. He flopped onto his bed and sighed, ready to drift off.

"Who are you?" came a rough voice, startling Nate.

He looked around and realised he'd missed another boy, partially illuminated by the light beaming from the laptop that sat in front of him.

"I'm Nathanial Campbell, but everyone just calls me Nate."

"What are you doing here?" The other boy said, brusquely

"I must be your roommate, I've just started here-" Nate said, hoping he hadn't made an enemy before he had made any friends.

The boy opened his mouth as if to speak again when there were three taps on the door- two short and one longer before a head poked into the room. It was Jean and her voice drifted through the room, diffusing the tension.

"Hey guys, I just wanted to check in with you Nate, make sure you're settling in and all that- Caleb be nice to him"

With that the head withdrew from the room without so much of a smile in either of their direction as Jean walked (Nate presumed) back to her room.

"As Jean said-" the boy said, walking over to Nate, "I'm Caleb."

Caleb sat down on the bed next to him, examining him, as if Nate was a patient and he was the doctor, trying to figure out what was wrong. The two sat for a few moments in silence, Nate unsure if he was meant to say anything when Caleb said:

"You like her don't you? You're drawn to her in ways you can't explain, right?"

Nate blushed slightly, annoyed that his crush on her was apparent to the whole world, and said "Yeah, she's great!" more enthusiastically than was needed.

"Well, I'd wish you luck but there's no use for it. Jean has never dated anyone here, never allowed anyone that close to her. She says she's waiting for the perfect guy, the one that fulfils all her dreams, but between you and me? Her standards are way too high and no one has ever met them- so don't think you will."

Nate thought for a moment "Is she okay?"

"Jean?" Caleb laughed, "Na- she's not. You're quick to catch on, she's normally good at hiding her feelings or can you read minds?"

Nate laughed awkwardly, he could, but he wasn't about to admit that to Caleb. He wasn't sure if he liked him or not. Like Jean he put on a good front but Nate could sense the hostility masked behind the friendship. Caleb rolled his eyes, laughing:

"I'm joking, geez. Chill mate. Anyway- Jean. She's the mystery that everyone tries to solve, guys and girls alike but the closer you get to her, the further away you end up. She's the most closed off person I have ever met. The sweetest, kindest and funniest girl I know but that doesn't take away from how much she hides her emotions."

Caleb paused and walked back to his bed, sitting on top of the covers, behind the laptop again, while Nate continued to sit in silence, waiting for the rest of the story.

"Is there more to her, more to her emotions? What's the story behind everything?"

Caleb laughed again, clearly amused by how quickly Nate had fallen for Jean. He was pretending like he didn't care, but he did. Deeply. He had known Jean for years, slowly making her open up, hoping with every day her heart fell in love with his as his had fallen in love with hers, all those years ago.

He remembered the first day he had met Jean, the two had only been eight but he had known, from the first second his eyes had caught sight of hers, that he wanted to be the one that meant the most to her. The one that held her when she cried, that kissed her when she smiled and the one she would sacrifice everything for, just like he would for her. He was trying to avoid being too kind to Nate, he had seen how much Jean liked him. In the few seconds Jean had poked her head through the door, pretences all gone, he could see just how comfortable she felt around Nate and he just hoped she fell in love with him first.


"Sorry. Got lost in my own thoughts there for a second. Anyway- Jean. Right. So when she was five years old, she was in a horrible car crash with her parents. As with every car crash it seemed to come out of nowhere and there's still almost no plausible explaination for it. Anyways, the car crashed, killing Jean's parents and leaving her scarred and hurt- mentally and physically. The crash brought her powers bubbling to the surface and she was rescued by some of the Professor's students, who are now teachers. They brought her to the school and taught her to control her powers. They healed her too, I mean physically, but the crash and events that have followed it have had a huge impact on her mental state and she's never truly recovered. She goes around and spends her days smiling that gorgeous smile but 98% of the time? It's fake."

Nate shook his head in disbelief. He had realised not everything was perfect in the life of the girl he had started to fall in love with but it was so much deeper than he had expected. He reached up and rubbed his eyes, making sure that Caleb didn't see the tears that had appeared in the wake of Jean's story. He had a million questions, mostly about Jean, but instead he said:

"Night Caleb, I'll see you in the morning."

The two boys drifted off to sleep unaware that in the months to come their life would be forever changed.

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