Jean Lily Grace

On the surface, everything seems normal but when you dive in deeper, you realise that nothing is ever as it seems...

In a school that seems like any other, lie six students with the ability to change the world.

Jean Lily Grace, telepath with telekinetic abilities is one of these students, unaware of the path her life is about to go down with the arrival of new boy Nathanial Campbell.

Follow the journey of these two and more through friendship, heartbreak, struggle and most of all: adventure.


4. Chapter Two: The Beginning

Nate awoke and sat up straight, checking his phone for the time. It read 08:13 and he smiled, got out of bed and dressed before leaving the room, trying not to disturb the still sleeping Caleb. He headed to Jean's room, in an attempt to make a good impression and also so that she could show him where he was meant to be. The previous night she had told him that she would be his 'buddy'- someone to show him where everything was and help him get used to how the school worked and anything else he needed.

Creeping, silent as a mouse through the corridors, Nate searched for room 342- Jean's room, which didn't take him long to find.. Quietly knocking on the door he checked the time again, glancing at it and hoping he wasn't too early. As much as he needed Jean he hoped he hadn't woken her, he knew he was only new and thought that maybe the smiles she had given him yesterday were more than just a mask for her emotions. That the way she had treated him yesterday was a pretence and she wasn't as nice as he had thought. He was about to leave when the door started to creak open. Nate started to say "Hey Je-" when he realised someone else was standing in the door.

It was a tall girl, with wavy blonde hair, looking as un-Jeanish as someone could.

"Hi," she smiled "You're the new boy aren't you?"

"Um- yeah." Nate replied "I'm Nathanial Campbell, but everyone just calls me Nate. I'm really sorry for disturbing you but I was looking for Jean? She said this was her room? Right?"

The blonde grinned, clearly amused by how frantic he seemed, "hey, don't worry, this is her room, she's just not here right now, I'll take you to her. I'm Adrianne, everyone just calls me Annie though, and I'm Jean's roommate."

Annie led Nate through the school, telling him about bits and pieces until invariably she came onto the one topic the two had in common: Jean.

"She's been my best friend for years now and I absolutely love her with my whole heart." Annie said, smiling at Nate, "She's not the most together person but are any of us? Anyways what I mean is that she doesn't sleep a lot, she's either working or at school and when she's not she's either in the gym or training in the Powers room."

Nate looked at Annie, a little confused, and Annie laughed:

"Sorry, I forgot you're new, you seem just kind of familiar but maybe that's because Jean wouldn't shut up about you last night. Ah shit. I probably shouldn't have said that. But whatever. The Powers room is a place we can go to practice using our powers, it's pretty damn cool but I think I'll leave the rest to Jean. She spends more time in there than me, like substantially more time. You'll find her in there Nate- see you later!"

Nate heard her footsteps recede as he turned to face a large cube of glass that seemed so fragile and in it saw Jean concentrating on something. He thought about leaving her be but realised he had no idea what he was meant to do and so knocked on the glass.

Jean, focused on her training was ready to scream at the person who had disturbed her practice and broken her concentration but, realising it was Nate, took a deep breath and forced a bright smile on her face before turning and waving.

"Hey." She said, breathless, "What's up?"

Nate gave her a minute to catch her breath before replying:

"Ah I came up to your room, because if I'm being honest, I have no idea what I'm meant to be doing right now but you weren't there, so your friend- Annie I think? Brought me down here. I'm sorry if I disturbed you by the way, you looked like you were really focused."

"Hey, don't worry about it," came the cheery reply "Just give me a couple of minutes and I'll be back and show you where you're meant to be and stuff."

Jean jogged off to shower and try to appear a little more together than she normally did after her practice. She threw on some makeup and the old tracksuit she had brought down, wishing she had brought something a little more flattering.

Nate took the few moments he had alone to appreciate his surroundings and wonder in awe at where he was and what had been happening only since yesterday. Despite the slightly rocky start with Caleb, he felt more at home at this school than he had ever felt anywhere, except with Maddie. Before Nate could be drawn back into the black hole that were his memories of Maddie, Jean's voice startled him back to reality and she laughed as he jumped.

"I didn't mean to scare you!" Came the sparkling sound that was Jean's voice, uplifted by the attempts to repress the laughter coming out of her. "Sorry, I needed a shower- I've been training for ages and I was a little sweaty." Jean laughed again, prompting a smile from Nate:

"Sorry, definitely TMI there. Anyways, I normally train until just before breakfast- which starts at 25 to nine and finishes at 10 past, just before lessons. They start at quarter past nine. Lunch is at half 12 and school finishes at 2. Then it's training for the older ones. I know it probably sounds really different to what you're used to but don't worry, you seem like the type who can catch on quite fast. We have the same class schedule and stuff because I'm your buddy. That doesn't mean you have to be friends with me, but I'd hope you'd want to be- especially since you're rooming with one of my best friends-"

Jean trailed off and blushed, realising that she'd been rambling on for far too long and Nate followed her until they reached an elevator, Jean pressed a button and the two waited as the little lights flashed above them until there was a quiet 'ping!' as the elevator's doors opened.

"After you." Jean said, motioning for Nate to go in.

Nate didn't move, but instead smiled at Jean, saying: "what sort of gentleman would I be if I didn't let the lady go first?" as he put his arm in front of the doors to make sure they didn't shut.

Jean smiled back, wildly, again blushing slightly and got into the lift- her perfume trailing behind her.

The two stood in an awkward kind of silence for a moment before Nate spoke, hoping to try and diffuse the tension that had seemed to settle around them.

"So" He began "What's the Power Room and what's it for?"

"The Power Room is a place where we can go to practice and train with our powers in potential (and less believable) scenarios. For example I was just practicing saving someone. Its all holographic though so you couldn't see what I was doing and if you were to train alone I wouldn't be able to see what you were doing. I mean, of course there are physical elements too in it, they're used to train the newbies- like you, no offence, but it's mainly done with this really cool holographic technology."

"What's your power then?" Nate asked as Jean, who had been anticipating the question, cringed a little. There were all sorts of complications that could arise when she talked about her powers, the biggest one: her parents. A topic she wasn't ready to talk about with Nate, no matter how much she was already coming to like him. Despite her fears, she answered anyway- intrigued as to what his powers were.

"Well I can read minds and move shit with my mind- I'm both telepathic and telekinetic. Currently, my telepathy is stronger but we- the Professor and I- are working on strengthening my telekinesis. What about you?"

Nate smiled in wonder at the girl opposite, wondering how someone that seemed so different on the surface could be so similar in ways he once never thought was possible. But now; as Jean stood in front of him, leaning slightly on the silvery mirror wall, never once looking at her reflection, completely absorbed and focused on the conversation, he realised he wasn't alone and never would have to be again.

"I've got the same."

He watched Jean's face light up with a smile that he knew, for the first time since meeting, was real and he smiled back, following her as the elevator stopped and she beckoned him with a simple wave of her hand.


He followed her all day, through corridors and up and down staircases, as he began his first day at The Camp for the Unique and enjoyed school for the first time since Maddie. He had tried to forget about her, this was a new start for him, but he couldn't. He knew he could never run from the terrible things he had done.

The first four lessons rushed by in a blur of homework, exercises and talking with Jean and finally it was lunch. Despite the thoughts of Maddie that appeared without warning from time to time, he could feel himself falling for Jean and, while the feeling of guilt was almost overwhelming, he knew that one day he would have to let go of Maddie. He knew he wanted to be a big part of Jean's world when the two first met- he had fallen in love with her eyes, that seemed to contain the secret of the universe, and her smile that could make even the saddest person smile. He could feel himself falling for her, falling hard, and while he wasn't ready to let go of Maddie just yet, he couldn't wait to get to know all of Jean. He couldn't wait to meet her friends and become a part of her world. He knew there was going to be competition- both from Caleb and the part of him that still loved Maddie- but he knew that someday, maybe, he would come out on top.

While Nate's thoughts were mostly happy, Jean's mind was far less agreeably engaged. She knew that tomorrow would be hard, marking the 10 years since she had lost her parents, and she wasn't ready for that day to come, she didn't want it to come. She was glad she had her friends, glad she had them to help her through all the tough times she had suffered and make sure her smile never got too fake, but while she could trust them, she would never let anyone fully inside, never let anyone see all of what she was feeling because the last time she had, everything had gotten much worse. The joy she had begun to feel had been erased in a moment, the moment she had vowed never to talk about. The moment all her walls had gone up.

Despite all the throughts running rampant in her mind, she talked easily to the boy beside her, like she had done all day. She had surprised herself with how much she liked him, how easily she got on with him. There were few people she had connected with, with such ease and she was glad that he was one of them. She had surprised herself because she had started to fall for him and she hoped that he had started to fall for her too.


Throughout lunch Jean watched Nate interact with her friends, her best friends, loving how easily the five got on, loving how her four best friends- Caleb Andrews, Sarah Hale and the twins Adrianne and Theodore Peters- connected with Nate. Jean wished she could take a picture, the five looked like a group you would only find in movies; laughing and having fun as though they had all known each other their whole lives.

For Jean, they had been part of her life for almost as long as she had been alive, in her 15 years Adrianne had been a part of her life for 9. She had arrived at the camp when she was six and the two, being of similar age, had hit it off immediately barely arguing and Jean was glad that she had found a best friend so early on. Growing up together, Jean loved Annie more like a sister than a best friend and she was glad that Annie felt the same way. However, Annie loved Jean a little deeper than she had ever let on and no one knew about the secret that she had been keeping for a few months. While Jean could have known about it, she had never felt the urge to read her mind, believing that Annie told her everything, in the same way Annie believed Jean told her everything. She had met Caleb only a couple of years later and again, the two had gotten on well. Throughout the years they had flirted with each other but nothing had ever come of it. Caleb had been trying to date Jean for years but he knew that she had enough on her plate without losing a friend so he had never pushed her to get together with him. Jean was unsure how she felt about Caleb- whether she loved him as a friend, or as something more. He was a little too hot headed for her liking, a touch too arrogant, but he had been her rock, through everything that had come her way. Theo had been a part of the group for five years, his powers manisfesting much later than his sister's. He brought a calming dynamic to the group and he was like a brother to Jean. The two were almost inseperable at times, Theo always wanting to protect Jean and Jean always wanting to protect Theo. Their friendship was the glue that held the group together, keeping everyone calm when Annie and Caleb came to blows. Finally, there was Sarah who had only been a part of the group for three years, but it felt like they had all known her forever. She was younger than the rest of them but the group felt incomplete without her and Jean loved having a little sister, which was how she felt about Sarah. The two loved each other and never once had they fought and Jean knew that no matter what Sarah would have her back and always support her, no questions asked. Jean smiled as she looked over her friends, recalling all their childish adventures together; recollecting the mischief they had made.

Nate enjoyed his lunch, enjoyed getting to know each of Jean's friends. He had already met Annie that morning but he liked getting to know her more and hoped in her, and in Sarah too, he could finally have a sister that he loved and that loved him back. He had discovered that not only did they have Jean in common but both him and Annie liked the same types of music and he and Sarah had already made plans to go watch a movie that no one else seemed to like. He was impressed with their powers too: Annie with her control over water and Sarah with the ability to influence the air around her. While he didn't think Annie's power related to her personality, he thought Sarah was the embodiment of her's. She was pale and quiet with grey-blue eyes the colour of the sky and a voice that could only be described as breathy and low. He laughed when Annie told him that her name meant the sea and he wondered if her parents had predicted her power or if it was just pure luck. Despite sharing a room with Caleb, the two hadn't talked much except about Jean. But he soon realised that they shared the same intense love for baseball and he was looking forward to going to the batting cages to practice and play for the first time since Maddie. Both he and Theo could play the guitar and the three boys were going to learn how to skateboard since they had wanted to for years but they had never gotten around to it. While he liked the boys, he was wary of Caleb, and his abilty to control people's actions, but he hoped that he could finally have a best friend. He was impressed with Theo's power that allowed him to control fire and while couldn't yet make it he someday hoped he would.

Through lunch, the five got to know each other as Jean stayed out of it, preferring to let the feeling of contentment wash over her as she watched the group of people that had been her family get to know each other better. Annie looked over at her and the two shared a smile, she didn't have to read minds to know that Jean was happy, even if it was just for a moment. Neither Sarah nor Theo looked her way throughout the hour but Jean knew that everything was okay between the couple. They were perfect for each other and she was glad that someone as kind as Theo had found someone as sweet as Sarah.

Jean reminisced about the day Sarah had arrived with her older brother Jayden. There had been stark differences between the two, Sarah had been all light while Jayden- with his dark eyes that seemed to pierce your soul and hair black as night- had brought darkness with him, wherever he went. No one was certain what his power had been, no one had ever wanted to find out the full extent of it- not even the Professor, who had been too scared to try and unlock it. Despite all the warning signs, he had attracted girls as though he was a light and they were all moths and Jean had been no exception but she shook her head, clearing her mind of him before the dark thoughts and the feeling of dread that accompanied Jayden could arrive. Before they could ruin the perfect moment she was witnessing.

The bell rang, shattering the perfect moment and bringing Jean back to reality as the six went their separate ways. Sarah, Annie and Theo to their various lessons and Nate, Caleb and Jean to train.

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