The Slayer

I wake, running past the fire that hung in the trees, branches fell crashing to the ground sending more ashes and flames to the sky, a man followed near by, helping me escape this awful reality, he gave my life reason. so when he asked there was only one answer, "yes"

Author's note

this is the first book, well... hope you like it.

1. Chapter One


      I woke up in a room, a man stood in the center, watching me. I got up frightened, not knowing where I was. I looked around hoping to find an explanation for the things that I've seen. the man came forward, his eyes concentrated on me he sat next to me, a smile on his face.

     "Hey, long time no see, how ya been?" he sat up looking me in the eye as I got up, taking a step back. he looked away, standing up, looking towards the door "so," he said taking a step forward. I looked at him hoping that I was dreaming, here I was standing in front of a real hotty and I didn't know what to say. I looked up saying

      "do, do I know you?" I looked away knowing how stupid I sounded, my cheeks blushing.

      "I don't think so... your Sekiea, right?" he looked away as if embarrassed. "Cuz if your not, I can always send you back." he looked to his right and shifted uncomfortably looking around at black screens that covered the walls in the room.

       I looked up my eyes widening with question "you brought me here, but why?" he looked at me confused he sat back down folding his hands and crossing his legs.

      "What do you mean, of course I brought you here… why, well, here's the thing, I don't have much time so we have to talk fast." he said, looking at me, his eyes were burning with an inner fire.

       I looked at the wall behind the man, and could feel part of my brain forcing me to stand up and the other holding me down. "What is going on?" I said fully standing now, and already starting to walk to the wall across from me.

       He looked at me and glared, waving his hand causing me to fall flat on my hind, nearly breaking my spine. I could feel the flow of blood in my head slowly draining out of me focusing all of my energy on the man, now standing in front of me.

        I tried to stand but failed landing another solid smack on the cold ground. The man looked at me a rush of sadness crossed his face, "hey, do you need help?" I looked at him, and could feel the anger boiling inside of me.

          He took a step back sliding back onto his chair, "Are you okay?" he looked at me eyes widening, and because of his expression let me know that by now, I was probably turning purple. 

          I looked up, and opened my mouth hoping to speak, but all I could say was "nice shoes."



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