The Girl Who Saw Too Much

Amelia Kingston is no ordinary girl. After her parent split when she was 12, all she wanted now was to leave. But what she never expected was for escape to be forced after witnessing a murder go down one night. Joel Stewn never wanted anything to do with gangs. But when he is forced to go undercover to catch the biggest crime ring in town, his only option is to get close. After meeting Amelia, Joel knows he must do something to protect her. And with stakes increasing in the case, feelings blossoming, and the criminals catching on, Joel must figure out how to catch the bad guys all while saving the girl who saw too much.


1. The Late Night Jog

I tightened my shoe laces and zipped up my jacket. Grabbing my earbuds and spare key I head out the door. Tonight I need a nice jog to relax my sore muscles from the rough day at the cafe. Followed by a cool bath, I knew this was the remedy for a stressful day.

Jogging to the end of the road, I decide to go the scenic route tonight instead my normal route hoping to be cured by the glistening lake and the singing trees. With every step, each pound of my sneaker against the pavement, the pent up stress flowed from my head, back, and legs.

‘You’re worthless Amelia.’

‘You’ll never be good enough’

‘You’re the reason your father left us!’

My boss’s, aka my mom, painful words tore through me once more before I threw them to the wind. I try and try to ignore them but everyday, hearing the same things, they become part of you. They hurt you. They consequently define you. But not for long. I’ve almost saved up enough to leave this town for good. Only one more month and I’m gone.

I round the corner and stop dead in my tracks at the couple yelling at each other ahead. Not wanting to get involve I go to turn around and leave but stop.

“ I hate you! You promised if I came with you, you’d help me! You’ve done nothing but leave me at home to care for your child while you Tun around and do your own thing!” The woman yelled.

“ Don’t act like you didn’t know this is who I am. Don’t forget woman I can have you dead right now. In fact,” the chill in the man’s voice brought my feet to a grinding halt,” That’s the only reason I tricked you into coming tonight. Blake it’s time.” From behind a group of trees , a tall probably 6’ 5” guy emerges.

“Jason what do you mean!” The woman’s shrill voice pierced the cool, silent night.

“Linda you’ve been wonderful, but unfortunately you ask to many questions instead of simply obeying. Take her out like you did her brother. Obnoxiousness must run in the family and stupidity must be the what they are feed. I’m done.” The man turned to walk away and the man pulls out a gun. Linda opens up to scream but suddenly her lifeless body collapses on the ground.

Everything in me is on edge but for some reason my feet don’t move. Run! Run you fool! I try to tell myself but I couldn’t.

“Throw her in the lake with the weight. No one comes around here-“ his voice stops suddenly and I feel all air leave my lungs. He sees me.


With every muscle suddenly charged I turn and run. The sweat quickly pours down my face and my breathe comes out in such gasping breathes. My lungs burn for good air but I don’t take the time.


I press harder feeling as if I hear footsteps coming. Heart racing, the scenic route I hoped to enjoy now holds me captive in its grip of terror as I race through the starry night.

Before I knew it I was home and ,as if my hand had a mind of its own, they key was out and in the door before I could think. Fumbling inside I slam the door and lock it.

Breathe. Your home. Safe. Breathe.

I steady my ragging breathe and try to relieve my burning lungs. Closing my eyes to calm my head but never sleeping. Not now.

I couldn’t sleep last night, waiting for the giant to knock on the door. But no one came. I got ready for work so slowly from pure exhaustion. How could I survive this day.

You saw someone be murdered. A woman was killed!

But no one would believe me. There is no body. I open the door and a piece of paper falls to the ground. My hands shake as I pick it up.

You’ve seen too much.”

My heart hits my throat and I feel dizzy. What now?

(A/N) Hey! Thank you so much for choosing this book to read! I hope I won’t let you down for I have high expectations for this story. Be prepare for unexpected turns and cliff hangers. Hope y’all enjoy!

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