Defying Odds

Mía Blakley never expected to rule her tribe, but when an unexpected illness takes her father she must step up to the plate. As the only female ruler among the four tribes, Mia must prove she has what it takes even if that means going head to head with the biggest tribes leader Josiah Martes. If she can prove herself she can stay. But for her to do that she would have to defy the odds already set against her. And that might just cost her her life.


1. The News

I swing left then jab up knocking the breathe out of my opponent. Two punches forward, dodge an attack , kick their feet out. He falls down and I go for the second one my breathe coming out harsh. I elbow him and then jab hard to the ribs, swinging around and kicking a third one.

The wave was coming on faster, stronger, harder, but I refused to back down. Dad taught me to fight and I fight I will. Bang! Bang! Bang!

I jump trying to find the source of the loud noice.... and fall out of my bed. I groan and rub my sore rear standing up. Bang! Bang! Bang! Ugh!

“I’m coming hold your horses!” I yell. I throw open the door to see a servant bowing down and then back up.

“Princess, your father summons you. He fears the sickness is getting worst and would like to speak with you for a few moments.”

“How bad is ‘getting worst’ signifying?” I question and begin following him.

“I do not know your Highness. I have not been informed on the full matters occurring at this moment only that your presences is desired Princess.”

I stomp down the hallway a little irritated at the vagueness of the summons. And a little scared of what it could mean.

“Right this way. And please my Princess be quiet. Your father is in a lot of pain.” The servant informs me and I wanted to punch them. Princess title never fit me. Especially when I inherited my moms attitude.

“I know what to do. And I know where to go. You are dismissed.” I said aggravated. My dad is really sick. There is no going around it. He is going to die. It just sucks because the sickness came so suddenly. I push away the thought of death.

I walk down the hallway slowly and hear my dad coughing hard. After losing my mom three years ago, my dad and I got close. Now I’m going to lose him to.

Don’t cry. What ever you do, don’t cry.

I sigh deeply and paste on my smile. I open the door right as dad begins coughing again. When he finishes I walk up to him.

“Dad... good morning.” I say softly and he smiles. Barely.

“Ah there is my little princess. Good morning indeed. But I fear it’s my last my child...” he groans and coughs again.

“Dad...,” I break and the tears start forming,” dad you can’t go yet. What about this tribe dad? How will they go on? Daddy how can I go on?” I sob.

“Come here sweet angel,” he motions me forward. “ No matter what I am proud of you. You will lead them now child. Your mom’s attitude lives in you. And I am proud to say you have my ambition and leadership. You are the new leader.” He turns to the guard. “Bring me the crown from Lilian’s holding spot-“

“Dad I can’t take mom’s crown! That’s her’s and-“

“And now it’s yours. As my last order you will take this crown,” he grabs the crown barely able to hold it,” and you will do it justice. You know The Black Flame will test you. You know The Night Arrow will hunt you. You know The Runners will mock you. Be strong my child. You know the issues and you have seen me handle many things. Now it’s yours to take on.”

As he mentioned each opposing tribes I knew I had to do this. There was no doubt I could. I just didn’t want to without him.

“But daddy..,” I whisper,” I’ll miss you.”

“And I to you child. But you are strong. You can do this. Be the true leader of the Rising Magnars.”

He began coughing badly now and blood began coming out.

“Dad no!” Please don’t go... I run to his side and grab his hand gently.

“I-I lo-love you.... m-my Q-queen.” And with that the breathe left his body and he was gone. And now... I am Queen.



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