Defying Odds

Mía Blakley never expected to rule her tribe, but when an unexpected illness takes her father she must step up to the plate. As the only female ruler among the four tribes, Mia must prove she has what it takes even if that means going head to head with the biggest tribes leader Josiah Martes. If she can prove herself she can stay. But for her to do that she would have to defy the odds already set against her. And that might just cost her her life.


2. chapter 2-

“Everyone please leave me for a moment.” I request and all but Dad’s second in command Harris left. “You to please.” I look straight at him and I can see the pain in his eyes to.

“Mía... I’m going to miss him. I’m really going to miss him.”

I walk over and wrap my arms around the man who had been an uncle to me for my entire life. I feel his arms hold my tight and I feel my heart breaking more because I’m not the only one affected. He pulls away and turns around to leave but not before I caught the glistening on his face.

“I’ll leave you be for now then. Don’t be to long though you still have guests to entertain tonight. Bad timing I know but we can’t just cancel.”

“That’s fine I’ll be ready... just don’t tell anyone yet. I’ll announce it tonight after dinner.”

“Is that really wise my queen?”

“Maybe not but it’s how I’m doing it. I can’t think right now Uncle Har- i mean Lieutenant Harris.”

“That’s fine. And when it’s just us mimi,” his use of my child hood nickname made my heart clench,” call me Uncle Harry. I don’t mind.” And with that he left.

I stare at Dad’s pale blue lips that only seconds ago held life whispering wisdom to his only daughter who didn’t want the weight of the world out on her. But it wasn’t her choice. She had to take it.

“Dad... I-I can’t daddy. Why!” I holler knowing the guards weren’t far away but not being able to hold back the grief. I’m a queen now. But I was still daddy’s little princess not ready to grow up. I feel the agony shiver down my body and I let it. Sobs race through me going everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Tears stream down my face one rushing in faster than the other in a challenge to beat the other.

I couldn’t stand. I slid down to my knees beside my dad and grabbed his numb hand. He didn’t feel me. He didn’t hear my grief. But I did. I heard myself and I felt it. When the sobs eased the memories came. I knew they would.

Daddy! Daddy watch me! Hee-yah!” I yell as I chop the air in a ninja swipe taking down my foe.

“Tighter sweetie... he almost got you from the right.” He critiques, mom laughing silently as my face contorts into a determined frown. I try again only to trip and land with a thud in my butt. My parents laugh and I giggle to. “You just wait daddy,” I say standing up and brushing off myself and smirking at them,”I’m going to be a queen like momma and be a fighter and fight really good like you and take out those others. You see momma you see daddy. Watch me!”

The memory fades and I feel the slight smile come to my face. I was determined. I turn around and stand up. I stare at dad and grab his hand.

“You watch me daddy. I’m going to be a queen like momma and a fighter like you. I’m going to fight really good Dad. Watch me.” And with that I walked out of the room and down the hall to make funeral plans. My first duty as queen? Give my dad the best burial.


SORRY FOR THE SHORT CHAPTER! I wanted to get something out. I promise the next will be longer! Hope you like it thus far! Comment and like! Until the next chapter...

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