Farmer’s Daughter

Makayla Greens is your average country gal with the plain looks and worn out jeans. When her dad is accepted to supply the rodeo, she is expecting to get some publicity and more business and that’s it. She didn’t expect to meet the arrogant Chris Stone ,aka top rodeo bull rider. She want nothing to with him though not like he would pay attention to a plain girl anyways. After her past encounter with a rodeo star, Makayla knew that type wasn’t for her. When Chris does start taking an interest, Makayla freaks out. Follow the unlikely journey of the rodeo king and the plain farmer’s daughter.


1. Chapter one- Makayla’s POV

I sigh rubbing my eyes once more. Stupid allergy season. I glance at the clock and its neon green lights glared back with the numbers 4:37 am. Great. Once again I’m up before my alarm. Even if the alarm was set for 4:45 am. I stand up stretching and look out my window. I saw a dark shadow sneaking to the barn.

‘Hmmm... who’s that?’ I ponder and rush to throw my boots on. I grab my shot gun by the front door and sneak out myself. Better safe then sorry. I quietly walk to the barn only to hear Dad’s deep voice whisper- well attempt to whisper- “You serious? Greg this ain’t a joke is it?”

Greg? As in the mayor? What’s he doing talking to him this early in the morning?

“So you know for a fact we won? Like there is no possibility it’s someone else? Really! Thanks Greg. I mean that. Makayla is gonna be so excited.” My father was no longer whispering.

Won? Won what? What in the world is going on! I step out and whence at the blinding barn light. Dad hangs up and turns around jumping out of his skin.

“Mickie! Geez you scared the crap out of me!” He yipped and I laughed despite still being groggy.

“What did we win?” I cut to the chase and he smirks and shrugs. “Dad come on. Why were you talking to Uncle Greg at five in the morning? What did we win?”

“Well... it was suppose to be a surprise for tonight.” He chuckled.

“What’s tonight?” I was so confused it wasn’t even funny right now.

“Daddy daughter dance Mickie. Did you forget?” He said almost reprimanding.

“Uh... no?”

“Mickie you lie just like your Mother.” He chuckled and I smile. After my mom died in a car accident six and a half years ago, Dad refused to mention her name. But finally he can again. And it brought me joy. Not only because he has gotten better but because I have to especially after that summer when- I cut the thought off. No use dragging up the past.

“Thank you.” I laugh and he shook his head.

“And your nosy like her to.”



“You stink.” I hear my dad complain and I turn to see him snarling his nose.

“Really I thought I smelled like roses and sunshine. Maybe it’s your breathe.” I retort and he laughs.

“Everything done out there besides the chickens which I can clearly tell you’ve been to?” He asks and I rol my eyes.

“ Yes father. All is well and right with the animals. Any further inquiries?” I say sarcastically.

“Yes one more. Are you ready for tonight?”

“Yes dad,” I say with a soft laugh,” are you?”

“Anyway baby girl. One last surprise though.” He pulls out his wallet and hands over his credit card.

“We need more groceries? We just stocked up though?” I question thoroughly confused.

“Haha no Mickie. You haven’t been shopping since you were like twelve. Go get something new and pretty to wear tonight. Something that shows how gorgeous your green eyes are and how silky smooth your hair is and-“

“Have you been reading poetry again Dad?” His cheeks turn a bright red and I laugh.

“Hey! I got to learn to. Now you go shop and I’ll go practice shooting. Might come in handy tonight.”

“Daaaadddd” i grumble but quickly it turns to laughing.

‘And we’re off’ I think jumping into my truck and heading to the one place I haven’t visited since mom’s death. The mall.

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