Adventure of Pink Oneshot

A 13 year old boy named Pink is called upon to save a Feudal Lord's daughter after she is kidnapped by demons.

1. Oneshot

In a forest to the south, a girl cried for help as a small, black monkey demon carried her off. Behind them were 3 samurai riding after them on horseback. The monkey demon increased its speed, turning wildly, trying to shake off it's pursuers. Eventually there was an opening and the monkey demon was out of the forest. With no sign of its pursuers and the girl still over his shoulder, it sighed in relief.


The monkey demon looked up, startled. It was now surrounded by the 3 samurai. One of the samurai drew his katana and leaped off his horse towards the monkey demon.

The sound of a sword slicing was heard. 

Two women arrived on the scene to see three samurai lying in the grass in blood. One of the them knelt and felt each of the samurai's skin.

"Dammit, they're all dead,"

The other said, "They were our best samurai, if they failed, who shall we send to rescue Lady Ari?"


"We can request the aid of that hero,"

"Wait, you mean that, that boy?"

"Yes, the hero Pi-"

"Pink!" an old man yelled aggressively as he barged into a bar. He looked around but the bar was crowded with customers. 

"Where is that-"


There in one of the seats was a boy with bright pink hair. He wore a short, light blue kimono, black pants, light blue socks and sandals. A katana and wakizashi hung from his waist. His feet were on the table in front of him and he was sipping from a cup of sake. 

"There you are Pink!" The old man exclaimed.

Pink sipped his sake and motioned his hand, telling the old man to move aside.

"You're blocking my view."

The old man stepped aside and looked around to see half naked women 'dancing'. Blood slowly ran from both Pink and the old man's noses.

The old man smiled," That's quite a view my boy,"

Immediately the old man snapped," Wait, how are you even allowed in here? and you're drinking sake too! You're just 13 years old.

Pink sipped his sake then smiled," Old man, I'm a fucking hero, they have to let me do what I want."

"You sure don't sound like one," 

"Or operate like one either! We were supposed to have a meeting with a local Lord an hour ago and you didn't show up!"

Pink looks at the old man miserably,"Oh come on Old man Daisuke, wouldn't you cancel all your plans if you heard that some hot new babes would start working at the local bar?"

"Wouldn't you wanna be one a the guys here to see there debut?"

Pink said in a softer tone," And accurately evaluate all they're gifts from God."

Daisuke blushes and smiles as he thinks of some sexy young women,"hehe."

He then shakes his head," No Pink, you're a hero, and thus you have responsibilities, you'll just have to do that another time when you're free alright?"

"Jeez, you call yourself a hero? Sure, that Goddess chose you, but I've never seen you do anything heroic. All you do is laze around and disrespect people. There must have been some mistake"

The annoyed Pink looked away from Daisuke.

"Hero Pink."

Pink and Daisuke look around to see a woman standing before them.

"Hero Pink, I have a request, let us speak somewhere else,"

"Sorry but I'm kinda bu-" Pink said before being nudged in the side by Daisuke.

Pink sighs,"Alright, let's go."

The three were now on the road right outside the bar.

The woman starts," I am a messenger from Uyemura Rokuro, a feudal lord from the north. Recently, the Lord's daughter, Uyemura Ari was kidnapped by a black monkey demon. We sent our three best samurai after the demon but they were killed."

"We are unsure of Lady Ari's exact location but we have been able to track the monkey demon to Sushui, a city to the east of here."

"Please save Lady Ari, you will be rewarded in full."

Pink smirked,"Feudal lord's daughter eh..."

Pink began to imagine himself saving Ari.

"Oh Pink, you're my hero, you're so brave and handsome,"

"What can I say, I'm a hero after all,"

"Pink, please come inside me,"

Pink smiled greatly as he was lost in thought.

"By the way how were you able to track the demon?" Daisuke asked.

"Well, you see," The messenger remembered.

Flashback To When The Three Samurai Corpses Were Discovered

*sniff sniff*

"What's that smell?"

The curious messenger knelt and licked the blood of the samurai. Her eyes widened and her face became filled with disgust. Suddenly she remembered the sight of the monkey demon urinating on the walls of Lord Rokuro's castle.

She covered her mouth and closed her eyes.


"Well, it had a distinct scent so we had one of our sparrows use it to track them down"


"So um, will you help us?"

Pink snaps out of his daydreaming.

"Hell yeah."

"Very well, here is the sparrow we used to track the demon, her name is Emi, let her be your guide." The messenger said.

A sparrow flew from behind a nearby building and landed on Pink's left shoulder.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Hero, Pink, I'm Emi"

"Whoah she talks?!" Pink is surprised.

"It is a simple task to give birds the ability of human speech," Daisuke said.


"Thank you for your assistance and please be on your way, safe journey,"The messenger said.

After some time, Pink arrives in Sushui. Before, he was just wearing a light blue kimono but now he wore an iron cuirass over it.

Pink remembered the words of Daisuke loudly and clearly:

"Jeez, you call yourself a hero? Sure, that Goddess chose you, but I've never seen you do anything heroic. All you do is laze around and disrespect people. There must have been some mistake"

Pink became angry at the thought,"Stupid old man, what the hell does he know?"

"Anyways, now that I'm in Sushui, what the fuck should I do? 'We tracked the demon to Sushui' she says but now that I'm here I don't have a damn clue where I should look,"

"Remember me! I'm your tracker!"

"Oh yeah, the sparrow,"

"It's Emi,"

"Yeah, yeah, so Emi, why don't you go do your fucking job and find Lady Ari?"

Emi flies off but stops and looks back at Pink. In a calm voice she says,"You don't have to be so rude you know. Others might not see it yet but I see a kind hearted hero when I look at you."

"You don't know me," Pink said,"Now go do what you need to do."

Emi's face is saddened before she turns back around and flies off.

Pink walked off.

"Wait a second," Pink thought.

"Where are all the people in this town?"

"Why's everything on fire?"

"And what the hell is that annoying sound!?"

Pink walked around to see a little boy on the ground weeping. In front of the boy were two corpses bleeding out, a man and a woman.

The boy continued to cry loudly when he felt a hand slap him in the back of his head.

"Stop the noise," Pink said.

"What's your problem?" The boy asked angrily.

"Your crying is really, and I mean, really annoying,"

"How can I not cry?" The boy responded,"My parents were killed by an ugly demon, their right here in front of me."

Pink looks at the boy with a straight face.

"Just get a move on you wimp," Pink says as he slowly walks away.

The boy is startled by Pink's comment. His eyes became filled with tears,"Get out of here, you wouldn't understand! You don't know what it's like to lose your mom and dad!"

 Pink stops.

"You're right, I don't know what it's like."

Suddenly Pink remembers something.


A little Pink approaches a bearded man beating iron with a hammer. 

"Mister Yutaka, where are my parents?"

The old man became annoyed,"Haven't I told you to stop bothering me with that question?"

"Please, Mister Yutaka, tell me!"

Mister Yutaka sighs.

"Your dad dropped you off at my shop when you were an infant and left without a word,"

"As for your mother, I don't know, I've never seen or heard of her,"

Pink became teary,"D-Does that never w-wanted me?"

"Pretty much."

Pink sobbed loudly.

"Dammit kid, just get a move on!" Mister Yutaka yelled.

"By the way, did I say you could take a break? Get back to the mines and work!"


Pink continued walking away,"Dumb kid, just die like your parents did," he thought.

Just then Pink sensed a presence. He turned around quickly and jumped towards the boy, grabbing him and jumping away. A giant boulder fell right where the boy sat. It crushed the corpses of the boy's parents.

"Mom, Dad."

Pink put the boy down and looked up on top of a building to the left. There stood a figure. The figure jumped on top of the boulder. It was a frog demon who stood on two legs. He had two large circular eyes and a wide grin. The demon wore a red kimono and had a katana at his waist.

"What are you doing in my town pink hair?"

"I'm looking for a feudal lord's daughter who was kidnapped by a, uh, monkey demon; she should be around here somewhere,"

The frog licked his lips,"Oh you mean my wife? Lady Ari is mine, plus I've already swallowed her."

Pink is shocked,"Wife? wait not even that, swallowed?!"

"I wish to cover her in my stomach acids, then I'll regurgitate her and we'll be married."

"Sorry, but," Pink drew his sword.

"I can't allow that."

The frog demon belches, causing a strong gust of wind to blow.

The boy was blown back by the wind but Pink still stood firmly. His hair and clothes blew in the wind. The wind then stopped.

"Not bad," The Frog demon said as he drew his sword," I am Saburo." 

Pink smiled,"My name is Yamazaki Momoiro, or as everyone calls me, Pink."

The two charge at each other and clash swords. They continually slashed at each other and dodged each others attacks. This went on for some time until Saburo, wielding his sword in his left hand, performed a horizontal slice at Pink's stomach. Pink jumped to dodge it but Saburo jumped towards him and headbutted him in the stomach, knocking Pink to the ground.

"Pink!" The boy yelled.

Pink quickly jumped back onto his feet.

"Okay, I'm bored, let's get this over with," Pink said.

"Hmph," Saburo said.

Pink ran at Saburo and the two continued to slash at each other, then Pink, dodging all of Saburo's attacks, jumped over Saburo's blade once again and spun in the air, swinging his sword in the same motion. Saburo was stunned. Pink landed and sheathed his sword.

"Boom," Pink said.

 A tiny explosion occured and Saburo's head shot from his body along with a fountain of blood.


In the land of frog demons, Saburo was unable to find himself a woman to love. He was shunned by his parents for his ugliness and his inability to get a wife and continue the family line. Many times he sat and cried for he had tried his best, but to no avail. One day, he ran away to the land of the humans, to achieve his goal of finding someone to marry and to continue his family line.


Saburo recalled all this. A tear ran from his eye.

"I f-failed you mother and father," he thought as his head flew through the air and landed on the road.

Pink then cut open Saburo's body and found Lady Ari covered in blood and other bodily fluids. Ari was a gorgeous young girl with long black hair, big blue eyes, big breasts,curves, wide hips and a big bottom.

"Gross," Pink said,"but sexy!" 

Pink admired Ari,"No wonder that frog bastard wanted her, she's fine as fuck."

"Pink, you did it!" The boy exclaimed.

Pink smiled a little.

Soon the princess woke up.

"W-Where am I?"

"I just dragged you out of the stomach of a frog demon," Pink said.

Ari then remembered everything. She jumped and hugged Pink, burying her face in his kimono.

"Thank you so much for saving me, it was so scary you know and I didn't know what to do!" Ari bawled.

Pink looked confused, no one has ever acted this way towards him before. He rubbed her head with his hand," It's okay, you're safe now."

"Let's get you back to your dad," Pink said.

Ari nodded.

"Please take me with you too," the boy asks.

Pink pauses.

"Sure, why not," he smiles.


Pink looked around to see Emi flying to him in a hurry.

"Pink! I found the monkey demon, I interrogated him and he said that Lady Ari was swallowed by some Frog guy named Saburo!"

Everyone looked at Emi with straight faces except Ari who recognized the sparrow.

"It's okay Emi, Pink already saved me."

Emi became teary.

"Ari! I missed you so much!" Emi cried, rubbing her head against Ari's face. 

"You useless bird, let's go home," Pink said.

The group made their way to Lord Rokuro's castle. Rokuro was overjoyed at his daughter's return. Daisuke was there too.

"I'm proud of you Pink, you actually did something heroic," Daisuke said.

Pink smiled,"Stupid old man."

Lord Rokuro called to Pink," Pink, would you like to take my daughter's hand in marriage?"

"Oh hell yes I would!" 

"Ari, do you object?" Lord Rokuro asked.

"No, not at all."

"Very well, it's settled, let's all celebrate my daughter's return and her upcoming marriage!"

"Yeah!"everyone shouted

Ari approached Pink, smiled and whispered into his ear,"Meet me in my room tonight, okay."

Pink's face lit up even more," Fuck yes."


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