Peeled Skin

My name is Rebecca. This isn’t a story or some out there book but these are original poems and thoughts I write. Underneath our skin no matter color or race we all bleed the same, function the same, and need the same things. We all crave love and acceptance deep down but sometimes what’s on the outsides prohibits others from finding out what’s on the inside. These poems aren’t fairy tales or hard to understand. These are real brutally honest things. This is Peeled Skins.


1. Broken but Never Dead

It hurts-

It hurts when the one who says I love you

Runs in the opposite direction without goodbye.

It hurts when those friends who say they’re true

Stab you so deep you feel for sure you’ll die;

It hurts when someone you thought you knew

Reveals the evil they have on the inside...

You break-

You break into a thousand pieces that you can’t pick up off the floor

And cry when no one can see you because it’s easier that way.

You break because that friend and you don’t talk anymore

And probably never will again because the price is to high to pay.

You break because now you question if anything was real before

Or was it all a sick game that someone wanted to play?

You rise-

You rise because you refuse to believe you deserved all the lies

And refuse to let all the deceptive mind games get to your head;

You rise because you looked you yourself square in the eyes,

“I am worth more than the garbage they fed me,” you said.

You rise because you had the courage to overcome and defy

You realized you may have been broken but you were never dead!

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