The rise of the King

Where I come from the paranormal such as Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and others live along with Humans. Some wish to coexist with them, while others want to rule them with fear and bloodshed and I am going to fix that.


9. Chapter Eight

After the ceremony was over Noah showed me where I will be staying. I'm going to be sharing a cabin with another guy.

" Zero's a nice person, you should get along," Noah reassured me. We stopped in front of the wooden door, Noah knocked a couple of times.

" Come in," Came a voice. Noah opened the door. I followed close behind. I started looking around. There were multiple rooms. The left corner of the room was a small kitchen a fridge. To the right was a couch with a guy with silver hair with brown streaks and watching the tv from across the room.

" Hey, I've got you a roommate," Noah said throwing a thumb behind him where I was.

" Oh, cool," Zero replied still watching tv.

" He's not usually like this," Noah stated.

Zero's show ended before he turned to Noah.

" So, is that him, Ethan?" He asked.

" Yeah, and he'll be staying with you so you better be nice,"

" Yeah, yeah, but if that DOG tries anything I'll kill him where he stands,"

" Back off!" Noah growled.

" I wasn't trying to start anything, so chill out," Zero said keeping his blue left eye on me.

" Good," Noah snarled. " Anyway, this is where you'll be staying," He said as he cleared his throat," He turned to leave before he passed me he said one last thing, " If you need me, you know where to find me," Noah left after that.

After a minute and a half Zero talks to me for the first time.

" Follow me, I'll show you your room,"

" Thank you," I replied.

" Don't get used to me being nice, I don't want you here," He snarled.

" So, what's your story?" I dared to ask and regretted it as soon as the words left my mouth. He stops in front of a door, hand on the doorknob.

" I was abandoned when I was a baby because my mother didn't make it while having me which triggered my wolf curse, my father left me for death,"

" I'm sorry I asked,"

" I can thank the elders for taking me in and raising me as there own, they saved me,"

" Anyway, this is your room," He says. I thank him again before he leaves me alone in my new room. It was simple, a bed, a window, a door, and closest.

" A closet..," I mumble. My head starts to spin and ache from the memories I desperately tried to forget now rushing back. I try running to the door but fall from my body going weak from the trauma racing back.

" Damn it! Damn it!" I scream as I hold onto my head my body in a fetal position on the floor.

I can't even hear my own voice. I think my eyes going round in shock. I close my eyes tightly until I feel someone shake me hard. I open them to see Noah worry across his face. His mouth is moving but I can't hear him so I just stare.

It took me around twenty minutes to be able to come to again.

" What happened to you?!" Noah asked still worried. I'm sitting on the floor now staring at the wood.

" I don't know," I said still kinda in a trance. " I think it has something to do with the closet,"

" The closet?" He asked. I nodded.

" I don't know what happened in your past but there's no need to worry now,"

" I was taken from my home after my parents were killed by vampires, I hid in my closet that night but it did nothing, that was the start of me becoming a monster," I say not looking up from the floor. Noah doesn't say anything so we sit in silence.


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