The rise of the King

Where I come from the paranormal such as Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and others live along with Humans. Some wish to coexist with them, while others want to rule them with fear and bloodshed and I am going to fix that.


10. Chapter Nine

Two weeks passed by silently since I had my episode. Noah has been showing me around and introducing the pack as well. Zero hasn't gotten any friendlier even though Noah reassures me he will. Noah and I are walking around when I say, " I still don't think I'm welcome here," 

He stops and faces me, " That's not true, you're one of us now,"

" I'm not so sure about that," I replied as I look around to see glares being thrown at me, just like they have been since I've arrived.

" Either way, they'll get used to you being around," He says as he starts walking again.

" I've been meaning to ask, you wear that bracelet to control your wolf form don't you, Alex told me you can't shift all the way," Noah said as he walks. I stare at his back as we walk wondering why he brought that up, especially right now.

" Yes, I've never been able to, like you guys can," I answered.

" Well, we'll fix that, tomorrow at dawn meet me at my place," He says.

" Okay," Was all I could think of to answer with.

Tomorrow arrived to quickly it seemed. I found myself standing at Noah's front door. I'm about to knock when the door opens.

" Oh, hey," Noah said with a surprised note to his voice. I replied with a simple hello, we left after that.

" So, how are you planning on helping me exactly?" I ask walking on the left side of him.

" Ah, training of course, but without that stupid thing on your wrist," He answered.

" What?!" As I stopped in my tracks. He stopped as well to look at me.

" You'll never learn unless you take that bracelet off," Noah stated as he pointed to my wrist that held it. " Besides, you can't hurt anyone out here anyway, that's what you're afraid of isn't it, hurting someone because you lost control,"

I laugh," You do realize I'm a trained assassin right, I've killed many people, that's not what I'm scared of,"

" Yes, an assassin with your vampire half but you've neglected your true side, the beast within," His gray eyes flashed golden. I take a step back, I've almost forgotten that he's a wolf. I look down at my wrist taking in his words.

" Fine, I'll do it," I said as I started taking the one thing that stops me from becoming a monster off.

I'm going to regret this, I think. I let it fall to the ground silently.

" Good, now try to shift," Noah commanded. I closed my eyes and started transitioning. My hair turned white my eyes an icy blue. After that much, I started to struggle.

" Focus!" He yelled.

" I am!" I answered. Sweat started rolling down my face.  I opened my eyes and realized that's the most I've ever shifted before.

" Well, you have a long way to go that's for sure, but an okay start," Noah said.

" I know," I growl.

" I think that's enough for today," He said.

" Why we just started," I asked.

" You pushed yourself too much, you look like you're going to fall over if a breeze passes by,"

He's right, I'm shaking.

After that, I stayed in my room for hours staring at the one thing that keeps me from losing control. I decided to go find Noah to try again with shifting. I finally find him but he's talking to someone. I turn to leave when I overhear what they're talking about.

" Are you sure about what you saw?"

" Yes, I'm positive, he's who we've been looking for," Noah replied.

" The other packs need to know imminently,"

" No, not yet, I'll handle everything," Noah said.

" We can't hide this, he's the lost prince!" The other person yelled.

" Shut up, someone will hear you, then what!" Noah spoke.

I've heard enough, I thought. I ran silently back to my cabin. I sit on the floor my back against the bed.

" What I heard, it's not about me, it can't be," I mumbled.


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