The rise of the King

Where I come from the paranormal such as Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and others live along with Humans. Some wish to coexist with them, while others want to rule them with fear and bloodshed and I am going to fix that.


11. Chapter Ten

A bit later in the day after what I heard, I got a visitor.

" Hey, I haven't seen you today, everything okay?" He asked.

I answered monotoned, " Yeah,"

He could tell I was lying but didn't push. I looked down at the floor when I asked this one simple question." What's the story of the " lost prince"?"

Noah didn't answer. I lifted my gaze to meet his eyes. " Noah, answer me, who is the lost prince," I said seriously. He sighed breaking eye contact. " It's a long story if you truly want to hear it get comfortable," He said looking up at the ceiling.

" There's only one way to begin the story and that's from the beginning," Noah stated.

" Fifty years ago the three most powerful supernatural beings of our world was at war with each other,"

" So the Vampires, Werewolves, and Witches then," I said. He Nodded.

" Yes, but the Witches sided with the Vampires making them stronger than us, until the most powerful pack at the time which was the Cresent wolves and ultimately overpowering the Vampires somehow, no one knows how they did. After that, they became royalty and highly respected to everyone who knew the name. Years passed by and the Alphas of the Cresent had children, but when the Vampires heard of the joy being brought to the very wolves that almost wiped them out. They attacked killing them. They were picked out easily between the different wolf packs because when they shift their hair becomes a pure white, no other pack has that trait. The Mountain pack has black, the Sea pack has blonde and the River pack is brown. " Noah said. I nod trying to take in this information as best as I could.

" There was a suspicion of the killing of the Cresent's because they only found two of the children but there were three henceforth the saying of " lost prince". Every supernatural being has been looking for him since that day. As what I've seen of your transformation you are no ordinary wolf, it's white, if you get what I'm trying to say here is that you may be the lost prince Ethan. Just think about it," He said seriously.

" Well, it would make sense why the vampires that night didn't kill me and that and why Bastian took such a liking towards me," I said thinking out loud.

" It all adds up, you ARE the lost prince," Noah stated.

" What now?" I ask him.

" Well, first you need to learn everything about the Crescents and how to take the thrown, if you do you can stop the vampires. Your parents did it once before which means you can as well,"

" I'm not sure if I can though, I'm only one person," I replied.

" Ethan, you have the strongest wolf blood to ever exist running through your veins right now. If it's anyone who can stand a chance against them it's you!"

" Alright, I've got work to do!" I stated standing up determination burning inside me.


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